Cooking and Gathering

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Cooking and Gathering
Skill Tree

Cooking and Gathering


100 sp


15 Intelligence



You are skilled at cooking and gathering meal ingredients.

Skills in the Cooking and Gathering skill tree

Skill Cost Stat Skill Required Description
Meal Preparation 0 15 Intelligence While at a campfire, you can cook from recipes, choose up to two ingredients to cook with, and preserve fresh foods.

Meals cooked from recipes bestow special status effects. Meals cooked with selected ingredients bestow dynamically-generated status effects.

Preserved foods are used as meal ingredients.
Harvestry 50 15 Intelligence You can harvest fresh ingredients and other usable parts from plants.
Butchery 50 15 Intelligence You can butcher fresh ingredients and other usable parts from animal corpses.
Spicer 50 17 Intelligence When you choose ingredients to cook with, you can choose up to three instead of two. Meals cooked with three ingredients bestow more powerful status effects.
Carbide Chef 100 17 Intelligence Whenever you gain a level, and 5% of the time you explore a new map, you become inspired for two days. While inspired, the next time you cook a meal by choosing ingredients, you get a choice of three dynamically-generated effects to apply. You create a recipe for the chosen effect.