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Skill Tree



100 sp


0 Agility



You are aware of basic combat tactics.

Tactics is a base skill tree that is focused around having additional combat maneuvers aside from using a weapon. These skills have no required skills besides purchasing the base skill, but many other skills from the other trees depend on the skills inside of Tactics.

Skills in the Tactics skill tree

Skill Cost Stat Skill Required Description
Hurdle 0 0 Agility Tactics You receive no penalty to your DV when you sprint.
Deft Throwing 50 10 Agility Your throw range is increased by 3 and your throw variance is halved when throwing at a target inside your throw range.
Charge 150 17 Strength You charge forward two or three squares and perform a melee attack at +1 penetration.
Juke 200 21 Agility Activated; cooldown 40. You move one square at no action cost. You may swap squares with a hostile opponent.