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AmboxVisage.png This article is about the skill tree. For the weapon type, see Category:Axes.
Skill Tree



50 sp


0 Strength



You are skilled with axes.

Axe is the base skill for the Axe skill tree. Axe specializes in debuffing the enemy temporarily or permanently on hit, by cleaving their ♦AV or outright dismembering their limbs.

Skills in the Axe skill tree

Skill Cost Stat Prerequisites Description
Axe Proficiency 0 0 Strength You get +2 to hit with axes.
Charging Strike (Axe) 100 19 Strength Cleave Charge When you charge an opponent with an axe and hit, if you cleave their armor, they get an additional -1 penalty to their AV. If you have Dismember, your chance to dismember when charging with an axe is doubled.
Cleave 150 19 Strength Whenever you hit an opponent with an axe, there's a 75% chance you cleave their armor, giving them a -1 penalty to their AV. This penalty can stack a number of times up to half your strength modifier, rounded up, +1 on a critical hit.
Dismember 150 21 Strength Activated; cooldown 30. You make an attack with your axe at an adjacent opponent. If you hit and penetrate at least once, you dismember one of their limbs at random and they start bleeding (1-2 damage per turn. toughness save; difficulty 35). Additionally, your axe attacks that penetrate have a percentage chance to dismember: 3% for one-handed axes and 6% for two-handed axes.
Hook and Drag 150 23 Strength Activated; cooldown 50.

You grab an opponent's limb with the heel of your axe and pull them toward you. If successful, you pull your opponent with you as you move and make a free attack with your axe. Your opponent is forced to move with you but can attack you while moving. Your opponent gets a chance to resist the move (strength save; difficulty 20 + your strength modifier) and a chance to break free at the start of their turn (same save).

This effect lasts for 9 rounds or until you dismember the opponent.
Decapitate 150 25 Strength Dismember Heads are added to the list of possible limbs you can dismember. If you chop off the only head of an organic opponent, they're killed instantly. If they have multiple heads, they start bleeding profusely (2-3 damage per turn. toughness save; difficulty 35).
Berserk! 300 29 Strength Dismember Activated; cooldown 100. You work yourself into a blood frenzy, and for 5 rounds your chance to dismember with axe attacks is 100%. To use Berserk, Dismember must be off cooldown, and using Berserk puts Dismember on cooldown.

Weapons That Use the Axe Skill

Factions That Teach Axe

Axe is not taught by any of Qud's persistent factions. However, procedurally generated factions such as village factions can teach randomly chosen skills as part of their water ritual.

Creatures That Have Axe