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Skill Tree

Short Blade


250 sp


25 Agility



Once per turn, when an opponent misses you with a melee attack, there's a 40% chance you make a free attack with a short blade you're wielding.

Rejoinder can be toggled on and off. If multiple short blades are wielded then rejoinder will randomly select among them to make a free attack with.

Mutation Interactions

It is possible to use rejoinder with a Beak, Burrowing Claws, Horns, and Hooks for Feet (D) as they all qualify as short blades.

Factions That Teach Rejoinder

Rejoinder is not taught by any of Qud's persistent factions. However, procedurally generated factions such as village factions can teach randomly chosen skills as part of their water ritual.

Creatures That Have Rejoinder

No creatures have this by default.