Sure Fire

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Sure Fire
Skill Tree

Bow and Rifle

Prerequisite Skills

Draw a Bead


150 sp


19 Agility



You fire at a marked target with no accuracy penalty (the accuracy of your weapon still matters). Then your target is unmarked.

Sure Fire is a skill in the Bow and Rifle skill tree. The player must have a minimum of 19 Agility to unlock this skill.

The player can activate the Sure Fire ability to shoot at a marked target with a rifle or bow and be guaranteed 0 aim variance.[1] Functionally, this is similar to the player having a very high Agility stat for the purposes of missile weapon trajectory calculations.

The accuracy of the weapon is still factored in to the shot when using Sure Fire, so it is nonetheless possible to miss the target depending on the type of weapon being fired.


This information is reliable as of patch
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