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Skill Tree


Prerequisite Skills



150 sp


25 Strength



Heads are added to the list of possible limbs you can dismember. If you chop off the only head of an organic opponent, they're killed instantly. If they have multiple heads, they start bleeding profusely (2-3 damage per turn. toughness save; difficulty 35).

The Decapitate skill allows its user to dismember the head of their victims. Creatures or players with this skill will have a chance to decapitate targets whenever they would perform a dismembering action, killing the target instantly unless the target has more than one head or level 10 Regeneration.

Factions That Teach Decapitate

Decapitate is not taught by any of Qud's persistent factions. However, procedurally generated factions such as village factions can teach randomly chosen skills as part of their water ritual.

Creatures That Have Decapitate

Creatures That Can Potentially Have Decapitate

Additional Sources of Decapitation