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All sultans have one or more themes that describe their attitudes and interests.

These themes influence the sultan's chosen profession, preferred materials, and actions throughout their life. If a relic that is related to the sultan is found, the relic's mods may also be influenced by the sultan's themes. Historic sites related to the sultan will in some cases be generated with certain features that relate to the sultan's themes. For example, Holographic shale.pngholographic shale walls can appear in historic sites that are dedicated to a sultan associated with the stars theme.

Inspiring Events

Sultans have one theme by default, but may gain additional themes if they happen to have inspiring experiences during the course of their lives. An inspiring experience will always be captured in one of the sultan's pieces of lore.[1] Sultans have approximately a 38% chance of having at least one inspiring experience during the course of their history.[2]

Inspiring events will always indicate that, from the moment of the event onward, the sultan "was obsessed with <something>", or "always kept <something> on their person". Here are a few examples:

One auspicious day, Bathrihim II broke bread with a pilgrim. From then on, he always kept some sextants hidden on his person.

Somewhere in Shervamrod, Polyxerdokht came across a trove of white-hot stars in a bottle. For the rest of Polyxerdokht's life, she always kept some stardust hidden on her person.

The words sextants and stardust in the examples above indicate which additional theme the sultan obtained from the inspiring experience, but there are a variety of potential words associated with each theme, as described in the following table:

Gained Theme Indicative Nouns
Glass prisms • glass • mirrors
Jewels jewels • rubies • sapphires • emeralds • agates • jasper stones • gemstones • amethysts • peridots
Stars stardust • meteorites • motes of light • stars in a bottle • telescopes
Time miniature clocks • forgotten seconds of one's life • hourglasses • atomic clocks
Salt salt • brine • spices • leaves
Ice blocks of ice • miniature glaciers • snowflakes • icicles
Scholarship quills • inkwells • scrolls
Might swords • guns • maces • axes • iron gauntlets • skulls • hammers • pummels • bones • helmets • breastplates • gauntlets • boots
Chance <number>-sided dice • coins • good omens • bad omens • tokens • charms • vessels of the Fates
Circuitry circuitboards • circuits • logic gates • light bulbs • batteries • vacuum tubes • oscilloscopes
Travel compasses • altimeters • astrolabes • maps • sextants • bedrolls • journals • boats • pairs of sandals

Description of Themes


Profession: Glassblower, Window maker

Glass themed sultans enjoy glass, mirrors, and prisms.

Possible Relic Properties of Glass Sultans
Glazed Melee Weapon
Reflect Armor and Shields
Clairvoyance Armor and Shields


Profession: Jeweler, Geologist

Jewel themed sultans enjoy wearing and collecting gemstones and geodes.

Possible Relic Properties of Jewel Sultans
+(1-2) Ego Melee Weapon, Armor and Shields
Transmute into Gem Melee Weapon


Profession:Astrologist, Astronomer, Stargazer

Sultans associated with stars have events and items themed around celestial bodies.

Possible Relic Properties of Star Sultans
Light Manipulation Melee Weapon, Armor, and Shields


Profession:Historian, Scribe

Sultans associated with time have historic events related to clocks and the concept of time itself.

Possible Relic Properties of Time Sultans
Temporal Fugue Melee Weapon, Armor, and Shields
time: example sultan lore

One night under the Beetle Moon in Tushur, a healthy child was born to the sultan at the Hamlet of Dud. At the moment of her birth, a hourglass stopped working in every home, and in celebration the people told stories and renewed friendships. The babe was named Oroleseh, but the people called her Hourglassborn.
• After striking a deal with robots, Oroleseh convinced them to help her found an arena in Ippur for the purpose of engaging in ceremonial combat for the reward of forgotten seconds of one's life. They named it the Arena of the Orbital.
• In 4210 BR, a corrupt administrator was appointed minister of Ippur. She outlawed the practice of hoarding forgotten seconds of one's life, and Oroleseh was forced to flee.
• Deep in Dakish Castle, Oroleseh stumbled upon a clan of frogs performing a secret ritual. Because of her reputation for murdering someone by letting entropy feast on his flesh, they furiously rebuked her and declared her a villain to their kind.
• At midnight under a weird and aurelion sky, the people of New Shad saw an image on the horizon that looked like a moment in time chosen arbitrarily bathed in aurelion. It was Oroleseh, and after she came and left New Shad, the people built a monument to her, and thenceforth called her the Aurelion Moment in Time Chosen Arbitrarily.
• Deep in the wilds of Tushur, Oroleseh stumbled upon a clan of fungi performing a secret ritual. Because of her periodic visage, they accepted her into their fold and taught her their secrets.


Profession: Cook

Sultans associated with salt focus on salt, taste, and a lack of water.

Possible Relic Properties of Salt Sultans
+(1-2) Willpower Melee Weapon


Profession: Geologist, Stargazer, Astronomer, Glassblower, Winter eremite

Sultans associated with ice have a wide swath of professions, but have event focused on snow, ice and the cold.

Possible Relic Properties of Ice Sultans
Freezing (relic) Melee Weapon
+(20-30) cold resist Armor and Shields


Profession: Scholar, Scribe, Philosopher, Scientist, Historian

Sultans who focus on scholarship are dedicated to pen and paper and an understanding of the world.

Possible Relic Properties of Scholarship Sultans
Discharge a clockwork beetle friend Melee Weapon
+(1-2) Intelligence Armor and Shields


Profession: Soldier, Gladiator

Sultans that are associated with Might focus on bloody combat and a lust for fighting.

Possible Relic Properties of Might Sultans
+(1-2) Strength Melee Weapon,Armor
Reflect Armor and Shields
Clairvoyance Armor and Shields


Profession: Gambler

Gambling sultans have their historic events themed around precious metals like gold, and games of chance.

Possible Relic Properties of Chance Sultans
The Fates have their way Melee Weapon
Blink Armor and Shields
chance: example sultan lore

On the night of a full moon, a babe was found swaddled on a floating platform of polished chrome with vessels of the Fates on its eyes. That babe came to be known as Oroleseh II.
Acting against the prohibition on the practice of determining outcomes by chance, Oroleseh II led an army to the gates of Orolesehabad. She sacked Orolesehabad and slaughtered its citizens, forcing them to change its name to Orolesehplatz.
In 2520 BR, Oroleseh II won a decisive victory against the combined forces of Abalep Palace at the bloody Battle of Minemur. As a result of the battle, Minemur was so rife with bad omens that it was renamed the Charmed Dunes.
While visiting an obscure outpost in Abalep Palace, Oroleseh II looted a skull that evoked the presence of a cursed coin. She named it Coinuca.
Deep in the wilds of Abalep Palace, Oroleseh II discovered Tarqushur Knot. There she befriended mollusks and played games of chance through the night.
Inside a colossal vessel of the Fates, Oroleseh II cemented her friendship with trees by marrying Cordigelwort Philbespeshrub. In celebration of the union, the trees bestowed upon Oroleseh II a wedding gift they called Weducus, Treesgrant.
While wandering around Abalep Palace, Oroleseh II stumbled upon a clan of crabs performing a secret ritual. Because of her fortuitous eyes, they accepted her into their fold and taught her their secrets.


Profession: Tinker, Electrician

Sultans focused on circutry enjoy wires and electrical currents.

Possible Relic Properties of Circuitry Sultans
Electrical Generation Melee Weapon, Armor, Shields


Profession: Explorer, Nomad

Travelling sultans are focused around events about exploring territory, and common traveling materials such as tents and compasses.

Possible Relic Properties of Travel Sultans
Teleportation Melee Weapon, Armor, Shields
+(8 + (Tier - 1) *3 + Random(1-4)) Movespeed Armor and Shields
[0-4] * 5 + (Tier - 1) * 10 + 20 Carry bonus Armor and Shields


This information is reliable as of patch
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