Warden Indrix, Goatfolk Pariah

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Warden Indrix, Goatfolk Pariah
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Warden Indrix


Fellowship of Wardens (Loved100 Reputation)
pariahs (Liked50 Reputation)





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goatfolk corpse (5%)

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675 XP

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Warden Indrix, Goatfolk Pariah

Beneath a mane of coarse hair, Warden Indrix's lips move without issuing forth any sound, perhaps in the formation of a litany invoked in the name of the vengeful god he serves. The coarse hair grows in an uninterrupted mass down his torso, that of a human but broader and more taut with muscle than any man's, disappearing only behind the sash of his kilt. But for Mayor Nuntu and the warden himself, no one knows the circumstances of Indrix's estrangement from his kin, for no one dares mention it lest they draw the warden's ire. One of his great curling horns has been cleanly cloven from his head, however. That same horn along with several others hang from a belt slung low about Indrix's hips, giving him the distinction of being the only warrior to bear his own appendage as a trophy.


Warden Indrix, Goatfolk Pariah is the warden of Kyakukya. He is a goatfolk and a pariah to his people.

Indrix can be found in Kyakukya and serves as its protector, defending the village from those hostile to its denizens. He will begin neutral to the player, but will not hesitate to attack them if they pose a threat to him or his people.

Indrix is also the quest-giver for the side-quest Raising Indrix.


Indrix is described by Mayor Nuntu as "the most ferocious warrior [he] has ever met". He is said to be "possessed of a sour disposition", due to being "a victim of his goatish nature". Not much is known about Indrix's past; Nuntu states that "[Indrix] and his brothers once gorged themselves on the flesh of beasts by starlight", but further details, such as how he came to be the warden of Kyakukya, are not stated. Indeed, Indrix is especially sensitive to discussion of his "estrangement" from goatfolk, the specifics of which are known only to him and the mayor. However, his description implies that the loss of one of his horns, which he now wears on his belt along with several others, is tied somehow to this seperation.


Indrix is the quest-giver for the side-quest Raising Indrix. The quest can be initiated by speaking with him and has no prerequisites. The quest will become permanently unavailable or, if already accepted, impossible to complete if Indrix dies, and will be temporarily unavailable to accept or complete if Indrix becomes hostile for any reason, as he will refuse to speak with the player.

Indrix tasks the player with retrieving the amaranthine prism from Mamon Souldrinker. Indrix claims that Mamon is his elder brother, and that he cannot retrieve the prism himself because Mamon would "discern [his] presence before he could strike". The player must follow the river south of Kyakukya to the east, find Mamon, and defeat him in order to obtain the prism. Indrix warns the player not to wield the prism themselves, and tells them there will be "consequences" if they return to him bearing it.


Indrix will begin neutral to the player but will become hostile if the player attacks him or any villagers of Kyakukya within view of him. He can also be made hostile if the player's reputation with the Fellowship of Wardens falls low enough. Several dialogue interactions will cause Indrix to become hostile, including if the player persists in their questioning of why he is called "pariah", if he is spoken to while the player is wielding the amaranthine prism, or if the player refuses to give him the amaranthine prism at the end of Raising Indrix.[1]


Indrix always comes equipped with a fullerite two-handed axe, dealing ♥1d8+34-11 (Avg: 7.5) and having its maximum PV value of 11 due to his Strength bonus. This axe has a 30% higher chance of possessing item mods than normal.[2][3] For armor, he wears a grassy yurtmat and a wool kilt.

Like other goatfolk, he may also come with additional equipment from Melee Weapons 3, Armor 3, and Junk 3,[4][2] and will choose to switch out his normal equipment if this random equipment possesses higher stats.

Finally, he possesses massive horns(favilink error!), which function as both a Short Blade weapon and a Shield. The horns deal ♥1d31-3 (Avg: 2) damage when used to attack, and grant Indrix ♦2 AV when used to successfully block an attack.


Indrix possesses many axe skills, including Axe Proficiency, Cleave, Dismember, Hook and Drag, Berserk, and perhaps most notably, Decapitate, making him one of few creatures that possesses the capacity to decapitate other creatures. Additionally, he possesses Charge, Calloused, and Shake It Off. Finally, he possesses the Block skill, allowing him to block attacks more frequently with his horns.


Indrix possesses Regeneration at level 6 and Adrenal Control at level 7, the latter of which he will utilize in combat. His Regeneration will increase his natural life regeneration, occasionally heal him of status effects, and will allow him to regrow lost limbs. His Adrenal Control will allow him to boost his Quickness and the mutation level of his Regeneration for a short time.


Indrix will always be admired by the villagers of Kyakukya for protecting their village, and hated by goatfolk for "some reason he won't share". He will never be hated by the villagers or the Consortium of Phyta.[2]

If Indrix is given the amaranthine prism, he will not equip it, and will not offer it as an option during trade.[2]

Indrix will never voluntarily sleep,[2] though he can be forced to fall asleep through such means as sleep gas.

Water Ritual

If the player performs the water ritual with Indrix and has sufficient reputation with the Fellowship of Wardens, he can teach them the Intimidate skill. The player can also trade secrets with Indrix, and even recruit him as a companion, in this way.


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This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • Indrix makes a very powerful companion if one is able to recruit him through the water ritual.
  • He is capable of instantly killing the player using Decapitate if he becomes hostile, and is otherwise very difficult to kill himself. Avoid fighting him if possible.
  • He will immediately become hostile if the player attempts to speak to him while wielding the amaranthine prism; however, this can be avoided so long as the player never speaks to him from then on.
  • If the player plans to use the amaranthine prism, avoid turning it in to Indrix, as it can only then be retrieved by killing him, or by dominating him and forcing him to drop it.
  • If Indrix dies before Raising Indrix is complete, the quest will become impossible to complete without wishes. It is advised to avoid recruiting him until after the quest is complete.


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