Wardens Esther

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Wardens Esther
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Warden Esthers


Fellowship of Wardens (Loved100 Reputation)





Corpse Dropped

human corpse (90%)

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750 XP

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Limbs* (Humanoid): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations
Wardens Esther

There's a saying among the vintners who hoist their sails toward the Stilt. 'One rose is fair; five is death.' Indeed, when a single shawl swathes her face and the Esthers are one, there is peace beneath the Stilt. But when she's joined by her sisters, and scarlet ribbons thrash in the desert air, there is only blood and justice.


Wardens Esther are, collectively, the wardens of the Six Day Stilt. They are mutated humans. In this page, Esther will be referred to as singular she/her, with multiple of her using the game's plural they/them pronouns.

Wardens Esther is found guarding the entrance to the Six Day Stilt and serves to protect the inhabitants of the Stiltgrounds from harm. She begins neutral to the player, but will become hostile if the player poses a threat to her or the people of the Stilt.


Though appearing to be a lone entity, Wardens Esther can summon multiple copies of herself; this is in reference to Esther's signature mutation, Temporal Fugue.

Though Esther and her sisters serve as the wardens of the Stilt, she claims to not to be a Mechanimist herself. How she came to inhabit and protect the Stilt is unknown.


In combat, Wardens Esther will use Temporal Fugue unless on cooldown. The Esthers begin neutral to the player, but can become hostile if the player attacks them or any Mechanimists in view of them, or is found stealing from containers around the Stiltgrounds. Esther can also become hostile if the player's reputation with the Fellowship of Wardens falls low enough.


Esther always comes equipped with carbide plate armor, carbide boots, carbide gauntlets, a scarlet shawl, a carbide shield, and a carbide folding hammer. The PV of their hammer will be 7-8 due to their variable Strength, and the hammer itself will deal ♥2d42-8 (Avg: 5) damage.

Esther can also possess a random item from Junk 7 due to her level.[1] Esther will automatically equip the item, replacing other items that may occupy the same slot, if the random item's stats are higher.

Finally, Esther will always possess 3 waterskins containing various quantities of water.[2]


Esther possesses Cudgel Proficiency and two shield skills, Block and Shield Slam. These allow her to more frequently block attacks with her shield, and use it offensively to deal damage.[2]


Esther possesses Temporal Fugue at base level 7 and Teleportation at base level 1, which will be increased to 10-11 and 4-5 respectively due to her variable Ego modifier. She also possesses Heightened Quickness at level 6.

Temporal Fugue allows Esther to split into 5-6 additional individuals for 30 rounds, all being nearly completely identical in all aspects, including equipment, mutations, stats, skills, etc. Esther will use Temporal Fugue in combat, and the copies produced will share relations, attacking those hostile to the original. Teleportation allows Esther to instantly teleport to any visible tile with a certain margin of error, which they will use in combat to instantly close the distance between them and their target. Finally, their Heightened Quickness will increase their overall Quickness score, allowing them to perform nearly all actions more quickly.[2]


Esther can never spawn hated by the Mechanimists or dromad merchants.[2]

Water Ritual

The player can perform the water ritual with Wardens Esther to learn the Shield skill in exchange for reputation with the Fellowship of Wardens.

Esther can also teach the player the signature recipe of the Six Day Stilt, Hot and Spiny.[2]

Interestingly, due to being multiple individuals, Wardens Esther will be referred to by the rare “water-sisters” in the water ritual.


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