Night Vision

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AmboxVisage.png This article is about the mutation. For the true kin implant, see Night vision (implant).
Night Vision
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ID?Use this ID to wish for the mutation
(example: mutation:DarkVision)


Reality DistortingReality distorting mutations
cannot be used under
the effects of normality.


Night Vision

You see in the dark.

Night Vision is a physical mutation that allows a creature to see in the dark for a short radius.

Players with Night Vision essentially have a permanent light source that is active at all times, with a circular radius of 5 tiles.

Having Night Vision allows the player to see Haggabah, Who Plies The Umbral Path.

Advantages & Disadvantages

This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.


  • Frees up a hand slot which would be taken up by a torch or glowsphere in the early game
  • Very low-cost
  • Does not take up an item slot


  • Provides a poor light radius which cannot be improved
  • Is easily outstripped in terms of light radius by a glowsphere or floating glowsphere, neither of which are restrictively rare
  • Every creature has advanced night vision or sensory abilities well beyond the player's ability to match, negating any stealth advantages that not having a light source may have provided

Related Mutations

The NPC-only mutation, Dark Vision is similar to Night Vision but with a smaller radius.

Creatures with Night Vision