Heightened Smell

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Heightened Smell
ID?Use this ID to wish for the mutation
(example: mutation:HeightenedSmell)


Reality DistortingReality distorting mutations
cannot be used under
the effects of normality.


Heightened Smell

You are possessed of exceptionally acute smell.

You detect the presence of creatures within a distance typically up to (5 + Level * 4) squares depending on terrain
Chance to identify nearby detected creatures

Heightened Smell is an NPC only mutation that acts similar to Heightened Hearing. It has a much farther range than hearing, but can be affected and limited by terrain.

Obstacles to smell

This article has information that is missing or not up to par.
Reason: This doesn't make any sense. Where is smell intensity set and checked for?

Some creatures cannot be smelled. This depends on a creature's smell intensity. [1]

Terrain also affects how far a smell can travel.

Types of smell barriers

If a locked door is in the way, the radius will decrease to .

If any of the following objects are also in the same tile:

  • Objects that occlude sight
  • Water tile that contains greater than 1,000 drams

The radius in that direction will be decreased further to . [2]

Solid walls will completely stop all smells.

Identification chance formula

There is a chance for identifying a creature by their smell. If this percentage is greater than a random roll between 1 and 100, the creature is identified as their tile.[3] If not, a ? is displayed instead.

Creatures with the Mutation Heightened Smell


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