Flaming Ray

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Flaming Ray
Flaming ray mutation.png




Body LocationThe body part(s) where this
mutation can be located

Hands, Feet, Face

Location Equippable?Whether equipment can be worn
on top of the mutated body part


ExclusionsOther mutations that cannot be
selected with this mutation

Freezing Ray

VariantsThe Customize options that may
be selected for this mutation

Hands, Feet, Face

ID?Use this ID to wish for the mutation
(example: mutation:FlamingRay)


Reality DistortingReality distorting mutations
cannot be used under
the effects of normality.


Flaming Ray

You emit a ray of flame from your (hands, feet, face).

Emits a 9-square ray of flame in the direction of your choice.
Damage: (level based)
Cooldown: 10 rounds
Melee attacks heat opponents by (level based) degrees

Flaming Ray is a physical mutation that grants the ghostly flames natural body equipment on the limb of your choosing, allowing you to emit a flaming ray from that limb. On character creation, the player can Customize to select between the Hands, Feet, and Face, designating which limb the ghostly flames will be located on.

Hitting a creature with a flaming ray deals Heat damage and forces a Temperature change dependent on the mutation level. Creatures with Flaming Ray will also increase their target's temperature when making melee attacks; the attack can be made by any limb (even when wielding weapons) and does not need to penetrate for this temperature change to occur.

Flaming Ray allows creatures to wear equipment in its designated limb's slot and will continue to function even if that limb is covered. Losing the limb the ghostly flames are located on will result in losing the mutation's abilities until the limb is restored.

If Flaming Ray is present on the same limb as other natural equipment, such as the \claws granted by Burrowing Claws, that equipment will be flaming. This will not be the case if the natural equipment occupies the limb's slot, such as in the case of the hooks granted by Hooks for Feet (D).

If a creature somehow has multiple Flaming Rays, the damage increase is only +1 for each additional iteration.


The following formulas are used to determine damage, temperature change, and melee temperature change based on mutation level.

(Level)d4 + 1
Temperature Change
310° + (25° × Level)
Melee Temperature Change

Advancement Table

Mutation Level Damage Temperature
Melee Temperature
1 ♥1d4+12-5 (Avg: 3.5) 335° 2d82-16 (Avg: 9)°
2 ♥2d4+13-9 (Avg: 6) 360° 4d84-32 (Avg: 18)°
3 ♥3d4+14-13 (Avg: 8.5) 385° 6d86-48 (Avg: 27)°
4 ♥4d4+15-17 (Avg: 11) 410° 8d88-64 (Avg: 36)°
5 ♥5d4+16-21 (Avg: 13.5) 435° 10d810-80 (Avg: 45)°
6 ♥6d4+17-25 (Avg: 16) 460° 12d812-96 (Avg: 54)°
7 ♥7d4+18-29 (Avg: 18.5) 485° 14d814-112 (Avg: 63)°
8 ♥8d4+19-33 (Avg: 21) 510° 16d816-128 (Avg: 72)°
9 ♥9d4+110-37 (Avg: 23.5) 535° 18d818-144 (Avg: 81)°
10 ♥10d4+111-41 (Avg: 26) 560° 20d820-160 (Avg: 90)°
Mutation Level Damage Temperature
Melee Temperature
11 ♥11d4+112-45 (Avg: 28.5) 585° 22d822-176 (Avg: 99)°
12 ♥12d4+113-49 (Avg: 31) 610° 24d824-192 (Avg: 108)°
13 ♥13d4+114-53 (Avg: 33.5) 635° 26d826-208 (Avg: 117)°
14 ♥14d4+115-57 (Avg: 36) 660° 28d828-224 (Avg: 126)°
15 ♥15d4+116-61 (Avg: 38.5) 685° 30d830-240 (Avg: 135)°
16 ♥16d4+117-65 (Avg: 41) 710° 32d832-256 (Avg: 144)°
17 ♥17d4+118-69 (Avg: 43.5) 735° 34d834-272 (Avg: 153)°
18 ♥18d4+119-73 (Avg: 46) 760° 36d836-288 (Avg: 162)°
19 ♥19d4+120-77 (Avg: 48.5) 785° 38d838-304 (Avg: 171)°
20 ♥20d4+121-81 (Avg: 51) 810° 40d840-320 (Avg: 180)°
Mutation Level Damage Temperature
Melee Temperature
21 ♥21d4+122-85 (Avg: 53.5) 835° 42d842-336 (Avg: 189)°
22 ♥22d4+123-89 (Avg: 56) 860° 44d844-352 (Avg: 198)°
23 ♥23d4+124-93 (Avg: 58.5) 885° 46d846-368 (Avg: 207)°
24 ♥24d4+125-97 (Avg: 61) 910° 48d848-384 (Avg: 216)°
25 ♥25d4+126-101 (Avg: 63.5) 935° 50d850-400 (Avg: 225)°
26 ♥26d4+127-105 (Avg: 66) 960° 52d852-416 (Avg: 234)°
27 ♥27d4+128-109 (Avg: 68.5) 985° 54d854-432 (Avg: 243)°
28 ♥28d4+129-113 (Avg: 71) 1010° 56d856-448 (Avg: 252)°
29 ♥29d4+130-117 (Avg: 73.5) 1035° 58d858-464 (Avg: 261)°
30 ♥30d4+131-121 (Avg: 76) 1060° 60d860-480 (Avg: 270)°

Ability Cooldown

Flaming Ray's cooldown (CD) in rounds depends on the user's willpower (WI) attribute:


Advantages & Disadvantages

This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.


  • Deals fairly high area damage
  • Very low cooldown
  • Can set enemies on fire, causing them to take more damage
  • Can be used over water to create clouds of scalding steam, which will linger and damage creatures which enter them
  • Like all heat inducing abilities, can evaporate harmful liquids like acid or black ooze to avoid stepping on them


  • High cost at character generation
  • Turns creatures to ashes on death
    • Defeated creatures will not drop a corpse, so they cannot be butchered
    • Defeated creatures will still drop items on death
  • Can destroy valuable items on the ground
  • Prevents the player from taking the Freezing Ray mutation

Creatures with Flaming Ray