Stinger (Confusing Venom)

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Stinger (Confusing Venom)
Stinger confusing venom mutation.png




Body LocationThe body part(s) where this
mutation can be located


Location Equippable?Whether equipment can be worn
on top of the mutated body part


ExclusionsOther mutations that cannot be
selected with this mutation

Stinger (Paralyzing Venom), Stinger (Poisoning Venom)

ID?Use this ID to wish for the mutation
(example: mutation:StingerConfuse)


Reality DistortingReality distorting mutations
cannot be used under
the effects of normality.


Stinger (Confusing Venom)

You bear a tail with a stinger that delivers confusing venom to your enemies.

20% chance on melee attack to sting your opponent
((level based) ♥(level based))
Stinger is a long blade and can only penetrate once.
Always sting on charge or lunge.
Stinger applies venom on damage (only 20% chance if Stinger is your primary weapon).
May use Sting activated ability to strike with your stinger and automatically hit and penetrate.
Sting cooldown: 25
Venom confuses opponents for (level based) rounds
+200 reputation with arachnids

Note that for easier wiki use, ID has its Class constructor appended to it. The ingame ID is Stinger with constructor="Confuse".

Stinger (Confusing Venom) is a physical mutation that grants the player a stinger that delivers confusing venom on a successful attack.

The stinger functions as a Long Blade-class weapon, benefitting from any skills the player has within that tree. It has a flat 20% chance to attack in melee if it is not your primary weapon; if it is, it will attack 100% of the time, but will only apply it's venom 20% of the time. If the player uses the Charge or Lunge abilities, the stinger will always attack and always apply venom if it hits.

The stinger's damage and penetration are based on mutation level; however, the stinger is only able to penetrate a single time, regardless of circumstance.

This mutation grants the player the "Sting" ability, allowing the player to make an attack with their stinger that will always hit and penetrate, ignoring stats like your own Accuracy and PV, as well as the target's ○DV and ♦AV. An attack made using this ability will always apply venom.

When venom is applied, the target will become confused for a number of rounds based on mutation level, acting semi-randomly until the effect wears off. Confusion also lowers the target's ○DV and MA. The target has a chance to make a Toughness save against the confusion, with the difficulty being based on mutation level. If this is successful, the target will "resist" the confusion. Creatures that lack a brain, such as robots and oozes, cannot be confused.


The following formulas are used to determine penetration (rounded down), duration of confusion (rounded down), and save difficulty against confusion based on mutation level. Note that penetration cannot exceed 13, and the duration of confusion cannot exceed 2d3+1416-20 (Avg: 18) rounds.

Penetration if Level ≥ 2
((Level - 2) / 3 + 4) + 4
Duration if Level ≥ 3
2d3+(Level × 2 / 3 + 2 )
Save Difficulty
14 + Level × 2

If the mutation level is less than 2, penetration is 7, and if it's less than 3, duration is 2d3+24-8 (Avg: 6) rounds. Additionally, damage is not determined by a formula and instead is determined by meeting certain level thresholds.

Advancement Table

Damage Penetration Confusion
1 ♥1d61-6 (Avg: 3.5) 7 2d3+24-8 (Avg: 6) rounds 16
2 ♥1d61-6 (Avg: 3.5) 8 2d3+35-9 (Avg: 7) rounds 18
3 ♥1d61-6 (Avg: 3.5) 8 2d3+46-10 (Avg: 8) rounds 20
4 ♥1d81-8 (Avg: 4.5) 8 2d3+46-10 (Avg: 8) rounds 22
5 ♥1d81-8 (Avg: 4.5) 9 2d3+57-11 (Avg: 9) rounds 24
6 ♥1d81-8 (Avg: 4.5) 9 2d3+68-12 (Avg: 10) rounds 26
7 ♥1d101-10 (Avg: 5.5) 9 2d3+68-12 (Avg: 10) rounds 28
8 ♥1d101-10 (Avg: 5.5) 10 2d3+79-13 (Avg: 11) rounds 30
9 ♥1d101-10 (Avg: 5.5) 10 2d3+810-14 (Avg: 12) rounds 32
10 ♥1d121-12 (Avg: 6.5) 10 2d3+810-14 (Avg: 12) rounds 34
Damage Penetration Confusion
11 ♥1d121-12 (Avg: 6.5) 11 2d3+911-15 (Avg: 13) rounds 36
12 ♥1d121-12 (Avg: 6.5) 11 2d3+1012-16 (Avg: 14) rounds 38
13 ♥2d62-12 (Avg: 7) 11 2d3+1012-16 (Avg: 14) rounds 40
14 ♥2d62-12 (Avg: 7) 12 2d3+1113-17 (Avg: 15) rounds 42
15 ♥2d62-12 (Avg: 7) 12 2d3+1214-18 (Avg: 16) rounds 44
16 ♥2d6+13-13 (Avg: 8) 12 2d3+1214-18 (Avg: 16) rounds 46
17 ♥2d6+13-13 (Avg: 8) 13 2d3+1315-19 (Avg: 17) rounds 48
18 ♥2d6+13-13 (Avg: 8) 13 2d3+1416-20 (Avg: 18) rounds 50
19 ♥2d82-16 (Avg: 9) 13 2d3+1416-20 (Avg: 18) rounds 52
20 ♥2d82-16 (Avg: 9) 13 2d3+1416-20 (Avg: 18) rounds 54
Damage Penetration Confusion
21 ♥2d82-16 (Avg: 9) 13 2d3+1416-20 (Avg: 18) rounds 56
22 ♥2d82-16 (Avg: 9) 13 2d3+1416-20 (Avg: 18) rounds 58
23 ♥2d82-16 (Avg: 9) 13 2d3+1416-20 (Avg: 18) rounds 60
24 ♥2d82-16 (Avg: 9) 13 2d3+1416-20 (Avg: 18) rounds 62
25 ♥2d82-16 (Avg: 9) 13 2d3+1416-20 (Avg: 18) rounds 64
26 ♥2d82-16 (Avg: 9) 13 2d3+1416-20 (Avg: 18) rounds 66
27 ♥2d82-16 (Avg: 9) 13 2d3+1416-20 (Avg: 18) rounds 68
28 ♥2d82-16 (Avg: 9) 13 2d3+1416-20 (Avg: 18) rounds 70
29 ♥2d82-16 (Avg: 9) 13 2d3+1416-20 (Avg: 18) rounds 72
30 ♥2d82-16 (Avg: 9) 13 2d3+1416-20 (Avg: 18) rounds 74

Ability Cooldown

Stinger (Confusing Venom) cooldown (CD) in rounds depends on the user's willpower (WI) attribute:


Advantages & Disadvantages

This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.


  • Grants a chance for a "free" attack each round in melee, assuming that the stinger is off cooldown
  • Confusion venom effectively neutralizes a given enemy for its duration, allowing for easier victories or safer getaways
  • Confused enemies are more susceptible to mental attacks
  • Synergizes extremely well with builds focused on making multiple attacks per round
  • Grants bonus reputation with arachnids, though not enough to make them neutral by default


  • Moderate cost on character generation
  • Confusion venom has a much shorter duration than the Confusion mutation at equivalent levels, though multiple stings can theoretically keep a creature confused for longer
  • Confused creatures may wander away from combat, possibly making battles take longer

Creatures with Stinger (Confusing Venom)