Fear Aura

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Fear Aura
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Reality DistortingReality distorting mutations
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the effects of normality.


Fear Aura

You're really scary.

Fear Aura is the signature mutation of dreadroots.

Creatures with this mutation have a 25% chance each turn to emit an aura of fear. After the aura is emitted, this mutation goes on cooldown for 20+1d621-26 (Avg: 23.5) turns. The aura has a strength of 1d8+45-12 (Avg: 8.5) and is rolled against the target's mental armor. If the roll succeeds, the target becomes terrified for 1d31-3 (Avg: 2) turns.[1]

Similar Effects

  • feral lah have a fear aura that, despite not being a mutation itself, functions identically to this mutation. The only difference is that the lah aura has a 100% chance of activating instead of a 25% chance.[2]


This information is reliable as of patch
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