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This page describes the Space-Time Vortex mental mutation. For information about the entity created by this mutation (or by other sources), refer to Space-time vortex (phenomenon).
Disambiguation This page describes the Space-Time Vortex mental mutation. For information about the entity created by this mutation (or by other sources), refer to Space-time vortex (phenomenon).
Space-Time Vortex
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ID?Use this ID to wish for the mutation
(example: mutation:SpacetimeVortex)


Reality DistortingReality distorting mutations
cannot be used under
the effects of normality.


Space-Time Vortex

You sunder spacetime, sending things nearby careening through a tear in the cosmic fabric.

Summons a vortex that extinguishes everything in its path
Cooldown: (level based)
You may enter the vortex to teleport to a random location in Qud.
+200 reputation with highly entropic beings

Space-Time Vortex is a mental mutation that allows the player to create a space-time vortex in a nearby area.

This mutation grants the "Space-Time Vortex" activated ability, which when used, will prompt the player to select a tile to use the ability on. The player may only select a currently visible cell within 5 tiles. Confirming one's selection will cause a space-time vortex to be created in a random tile adjacent to the one chosen. The ability will also be placed on cooldown for a mutation level-based number of rounds.

Vortex Behavior

This section is an excerpt from Space-time vortex (phenomenon)#Vortex Behavior.

Space-time vortices move around randomly. If the player, a creature, or another object passes into the same tile as the vortex, or the vortex passes into the same tile as them, they will be teleported to a randomly chosen location somewhere in Qud, be it on the surface, underground, etc. The chosen location will be consistent for anything that crosses through that particular vortex. If the player enters the vortex, they will become lost upon arriving at their destination.

The random zone that the vortex leads to is distributed evenly across the whole world map, but tends to be a surface zone: There is a 50% chance that it will be the surface, and the remaining 50% of the time a stratum is chosen evenly from among all strata no higher than the surface and no deeper than stratum 30. (This means the surface is chosen slightly more than half of the time, and that you can't be taken to a stratum deeper than 30.)[1]

There is also a 0.5% chance for a random creature to emerge from the vortex each turn. This can be any creature that is eligible to appear during dynamic encounters.[2]


The space-time vortex will persist for 1d4+1415-18 (Avg: 16.5) rounds before disappearing naturally. If the player's mutation level exceeds 10, the vortex will persist for an additional number of rounds depending on that level. Space-time vortexes that come into contact with a source of normality will instantly collapse and disappear.


The following formulas are used to determine cooldown and bonus duration based on mutation level.[3]

550 - 50 × Level
Bonus Duration (if Level > 10)
Level - 10

Note that the cooldown cannot be any lower than 5 rounds.

Advancement Table

Mutation Level Cooldown Bonus Duration
1 500 rounds N/A
2 450 rounds N/A
3 400 rounds N/A
4 350 rounds N/A
5 300 rounds N/A
6 250 rounds N/A
7 200 rounds N/A
8 150 rounds N/A
9 100 rounds N/A
10 50 rounds N/A
Mutation Level Cooldown Bonus Duration
11 5 rounds 1 round
12 5 rounds 2 rounds
13 5 rounds 3 rounds
14 5 rounds 4 rounds
15 5 rounds 5 rounds
16 5 rounds 6 rounds
17 5 rounds 7 rounds
18 5 rounds 8 rounds
19 5 rounds 9 rounds
20 5 rounds 10 rounds
Mutation Level Cooldown Bonus Duration
21 5 rounds 11 rounds
22 5 rounds 12 rounds
23 5 rounds 13 rounds
24 5 rounds 14 rounds
25 5 rounds 15 rounds
26 5 rounds 16 rounds
27 5 rounds 17 rounds
28 5 rounds 18 rounds
29 5 rounds 19 rounds
30 5 rounds 20 rounds

Ability Cooldown

The cooldown for Space-Time Vortex is influenced both by mutation level and by willpower (WI). The following tables indicate Space-Time Vortex's willpower-adjusted cooldown (CD) at mutation levels 1, 5, 10.

Level 1 willpower-adjusted cooldowns:


Level 5 willpower-adjusted cooldowns:


Level 10 willpower-adjusted cooldowns:


Advantages & Disadvantages

This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.


  • Allows the player to teleport themselves out of a dangerous location
  • Players can also use the vortex to get rid of unwanted creatures
  • Beneficial creatures can sometimes emerge from the vortex
  • A lucky player may be able to obtain very advanced gear at low levels if they teleport to a fortuitous location deep underground


  • Moderate cost at character creation
  • Vortexes do not kill enemies, rather they only teleport them away- thus the player will not gain XP from using this mutation
  • Vortex will move randomly after creation, potentially teleporting things the player doesn't want to teleport
  • If something is sucked up by the vortex that you would rather not lose, such as a companion, the chances of ever seeing it again are negligible unless you go in after it before the vortex closes
  • Can potentially teleport the player to a more dangerous area
  • Dangerous creatures can sometimes emerge from the vortex

Creatures with Space-Time Vortex


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