Mass Mind

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Mass Mind
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ID?Use this ID to wish for the mutation
(example: mutation:MassMind)


Reality DistortingReality distorting mutations
cannot be used under
the effects of normality.


Mass Mind

You tap into the aggregate mind and steal power from other espers.

Refreshes all mental mutations
Cooldown: (level based)
Cooldown is not affected by Willpower.
Each use attracts slightly more attention from psychic interlopers.
Small chance each round for another esper to steal your powers
-200 reputation with the Seekers of the Sightless Way

Mass Mind is a mental mutation that allows the player to steal power from other espers, refreshing the cooldown of all of the player's mental mutations. However, possessing Mass Mind also allows other espers to do the same.

Mass Mind grants the "Tap the Mass Mind" activated ability, which, when used, will set the cooldown of all of the player's mental mutations to 0 and place Mass Mind on cooldown for a mutation level based number of rounds. Unlike most other abilities, the cooldown period for Mass Mind is not modified by the player's Willpower bonus.[1][2]

Each use of Mass Mind will also raise the player's Glimmer by 1 point. This causes psychic assassins to become more powerful and numerous, and the chance to encounter them becomes higher.

Every round, players with Mass Mind have a small chance for their own powers to be stolen, causing their mental mutations to be placed on cooldown for 8d108-80 (Avg: 44) rounds. This cooldown period for other mutations is modified by the player's Willpower.

Despite the description claiming the player is stealing power from other espers and vice versa, espers located on the same map as the player cannot have their abilities placed on cooldown by Mass Mind, nor will a creature on-screen that uses Mass Mind cause the player's own abilities to go on cooldown.

If the user is shimmering due to consuming Eater's flesh, they will be unable to use Mass Mind or have their powers stolen by other espers.


The following formula is used to determine cooldown and the chance for other espers to steal the player's powers based on mutation level.

The cooldown of Mass Mind cannot be reduced below 100 rounds.[3]

550 - 50 × MutationLevel
Stolen Power Chance
(0.13 - 0.005 × WillpowerBonus - 0.0065 × MutationLevel)%

Advancement Table


Mutation Level Cooldown
1 500 rounds
2 450 rounds
3 400 rounds
4 350 rounds
5 300 rounds
6 250 rounds
7 200 rounds
8 150 rounds
9 100 rounds
10 100 rounds
Mutation Level Cooldown
11 100 rounds
12 100 rounds
13 100 rounds
14 100 rounds
15 100 rounds
16 100 rounds
17 100 rounds
18 100 rounds
19 100 rounds
20 100 rounds
Mutation Level Cooldown
21 100 rounds
22 100 rounds
23 100 rounds
24 100 rounds
25 100 rounds
26 100 rounds
27 100 rounds
28 100 rounds
29 100 rounds
30 100 rounds

Stolen Power Chance

There is a chance each time the player takes an action for the player to have their powers stolen. This triggers specifically off the player's actions. For example, if the player has high quickness, they may take more than one action per "turn" compared to other creatures.[4]

The base chance to have powers stolen is 0.13% (about 1 in 769 actions).

  • The chance is lowered by 0.005% for each point of willpower bonus (or increased if you have a negative willpower bonus).
  • The chance is lowered by 0.0065% for each Mass Mind mutation level.

To reduce the chance of powers being stolen to zero, the player would need to attain one of the following combinations of mutation level (ML) and willpower (WI):

1 66 7 50 13 36 19 20
2 64 8 48 14 32 20 16
3 62 9 46 15 30 21 14
4 58 10 42 16 28 22 12
5 56 11 40 17 24 23 10
6 54 12 38 18 22 24 6

Advantages & Disadvantages

This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.


  • Can allow the player to use mental mutations twice in a row, especially useful for one's with very long cooldowns
  • Works on all of the player's mental mutations at once
  • Each use increases Glimmer, which can be useful for farming Ego


  • High cost at character creation
  • Very long cooldown that isn't affected by Willpower and cannot be lower than 100 rounds
  • Small chance every round for all of the player's mental mutations to go on cooldown
  • Each use increases Glimmer, which can be dangerous, as it causes psychic assassins to be more powerful and numerous

Creatures with Mass Mind

No creatures have this mutation by default.


This information is reliable as of patch
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