Unstable Genome

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Unstable Genome
Unstable genome mutation.png




ID?Use this ID to wish for the mutation
(example: mutation:UnstableGenome)


Reality DistortingReality distorting mutations
cannot be used under
the effects of normality.


Unstable Genome

You gain one extra mutation each time you buy this, but the mutations don't manifest right away.

Whenever you gain a level, there's a 33% chance that your genome destabilizes and you get to choose from 3 random mutations.

Unstable Genome is a morphotype that can randomly cause the player's genome to destabilize, granting them a mutation.

Unstable Genome is unique in that it is the only mutation that is able to be purchased multiple times; it can be taken as many times as the player desires at character creation, so long as they have the points to do so.

Unstable Genome, unlike the other morphotypes, does not limit the kind of mutations the user is able to gain during character creation or upon buying a mutation. It can also be taken alongside another morphotype. Having Unstable Genome does nothing on its own; however, every time the player gains a level, there is a 33% chance that one instance of Unstable Genome will be consumed, and the player will be prompted to choose one of 3 random mutations. (The chance is exactly 33%, as opposed to 1 in 3.)[1] This prompt is almost identical in nature to the one seen when buying a mutation via mutation points, and thus the options presented can be limited by the player's morphotype, among other factors.


Having multiple instances of Unstable Genome does not increase the chance of a genome destabilizing. There is always a 33% chance. For a query to find what chance a genome will destabilize after a specified number of level ups, follow the button below to the IteratedProbability Query:


One point mutations are excluded from destabilizing results. All one point mutations are:

Advantages & Disadvantages

This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.


  • You can potentially gain semi-random mutations at a fast pace
  • You can gain 4- or 5-point mutations that cost more than Unstable Genome did at character creation, giving you an overall point advantage
  • This combos well with Chimera, because you otherwise do not get extra limbs for mutations you take during character creation, whereas with Unstable Genome you do get extra limbs


  • You can get unlucky and not get any mutations for a while before it starts to pick up- it will take 8 level-ups to have a 95% chance of at least one genome destabilizing, and 12 levels for a 99% chance
  • You can get mutations that cost less than 3 points, making it better to have just chosen them at startup


This information is reliable as of patch
  1. XRL.World.Parts.Mutation.UnstableGenome, method FireEvent, in the "AfterLevelGainedEarly" case