Slime Glands

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Slime Glands
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Creation CodeThe letters that represent this
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ID?Use this ID to wish for the mutation
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Reality DistortingReality distorting mutations
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the effects of normality.


Slime Glands

You produce a viscous slime that you can spit at things.

Covers an area with slime
Range: 8
Area: 3x3
Cooldown: 40 rounds
You can walk over slime without slipping.

Slime Glands is a physical mutation which allows a creature to spit slime into a targeted 3x3 area. For each of the cells in that area, there is an 80% chance of creating a pool of 500 drams of slime. This mutation also grants slimewalking,[1] a passive ability that prevents slipping on and getting stuck in various liquids (not just slime).

Slime Glands costs one mutation point at character creation and, like all 1-point mutations, cannot be leveled-up.

Slime Glands can be taught by a legendary ooze such as k-Goninon to any player, even True Kin or Espers.

Ability Cooldown

Slime Glands' cooldown (CD) in rounds depends on the user's willpower (WI) attribute:


Advantages & Disadvantages

This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.


  • Very low mutation point cost
  • Can be used to hinder enemy movement by filling tight corridors with slippery slime
  • Makes walking through slime, asphalt and other similar liquids much less frustrating
  • Can dilute dangerous liquids with slime, making it slightly safer to wade or swim through
  • Always have slime available, which can be used to extinguish fire or create gel


  • Creatures slip in a random direction, meaning that a pool of slime may actually move them closer to the player
  • Some creatures, such as those found in slime biomes, are immune to slipping on slime
  • Very easy to mix pools of valuable liquids, such as water or cloning draught, with slime

Creatures with Slime Glands

No creatures have this mutation by default.


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