Haggabah, Who Plies The Umbral Path

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Haggabah, Who Plies The Umbral Path
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Troll King 3


trolls (Loved100 Reputation)





Corpse Dropped

troll corpse (90%)

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1900 XP

XP Tier




Extra info:
  • Swarm Alpha: As long as this creature is adjacent to its target, it grants +2 to the swarm bonuses of each other swarmer who is adjacent to its target.
  • This creature is unique
  • Can perform the Water Ritual, and teaches their main faction's skill
  • Weighs 201 lbs

Limbs* (Humanoid): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations
Haggabah, Who Plies The Umbral Path

Where light on light swims and dances, dark on dark rattles and jaws. There is no continuity of movement, instead the black void occasionally seems to suddenly burn into shape before blurring again. The eyes cramps at this severance, and the impression of hereness is lost again.


Haggabah, Who Plies The Umbral Path is a legendary troll encountered in the third and final Healing Pool level of Bethesda Susa. He is the third of the three legendary trolls found there, preceded by Jotun, Who Parts Limbs and Fjorn-Kosef, Who Knits The Icy Lattice.


Haggabah is perhaps most notable for his unique mutation, Invisibility. He attacks in melee with his hands.

Melee Combat

Haggabah's \adumbral hands possess a unique damage type, umbral, which ignores ♦AV and has no corresponding damage resistance. Thus, each strike Haggabah performs with his hands will do their full damage of ♥1d7+1112-18 (Avg: 15), assuming the player does not dodge them. The hands are considered cudgels for the purposes of skills.[1]


To supplement his hands, Haggabah possesses several cudgel skills including Cudgel Proficiency, Bludgeon, Charging Strike, and Slam. He also has the Charge skill, allowing him to quickly close the distance between him and his targets. Finally, he has the Swimming skill, allowing him to move more quickly through the pools of convalessence found within his lair.[1]


Haggabah has a unique mutation known as Invisibility, which prevents the player from being able to see him under normal circumstances. This invisibility prevents the player from talking with or otherwise interacting with him, even if he is non-hostile; the player can still attack him, however, assuming the player can discern his location.

To be able to see and interact with Haggabah, the player must have night-vision goggles, night vision (the cybernetic implant), Clairvoyance, or night vision (the mutation).[2] The night vision granted by skulk injectors does not work. Haggabah must also be in complete darkness (note that the pools of convalessence within his lair give off light). It is also possible to use Telepathy to pinpoint his location, if you have a general idea of where he might be. Heightened Hearing and Sense Psychic will allow the player to detect Haggabah and see his location even in the presence of light, but will not permit them to interact with him.

Even if the player has no direct method of revealing Haggabah, his location can be discerned by visual cues, such as the splashing caused by his movements through the convalessence pools.

If the player Dominates Haggabah, the Invisibility mutation will prevent NPCs from detecting you. However, if you gain a source of night vision, they will be able to detect you again.


Like the other legendary trolls, Haggabah will begin to bud when the player is within the same zone as him, which will cause him to produce a troll foal in an adjacent tile after 1d5+1112-16 (Avg: 14) rounds. These foals are allied to Haggabah and share his alignments, attacking anything hostile to him. Haggabah will begin to bud again immediately after producing each troll foal; however, he cannot produce more foals if he is surrounded on all sides by creatures or walls, or if there are already 18 troll foals within the current zone.[3]

Unlike Haggabah himself, the foals he produces will not be invisible, and thus can serve as a somewhat reliable indication of his location.

Special Properties

Haggabah possesses a unique "juker" AI type that causes him to occasionally move in a random direction, with a 25% chance of occurring every turn.[4]

Additionally, like the other legendary trolls, Haggabah is capable of holding two-handed weapons in one hand; however, his adumbral hands prevent him from holding anything.[1]

Progressing Past

Haggabah's lair has a small room located at the southwester corner containing stairs down, leading further into Bethesda Susa. The room is composed of marble walls; entry is permitted through a slumping metal door, unlocked via a gold key. One can always be found within Haggabah's inventory, though such a key can also be obtained in other ways, notably as a reward from village quests. The key can be retrieved by killing Haggabah, or by trading with him if the player's reputation with trolls is sufficiently high, and the player has a method of revealing him.

Entering the room containing the stairs does not necessarily require the player to go through the door; they can also break the walls or circumvent them through other methods, such as phasing through them or teleporting past them. Additionally, creating stairs down using a spiral borer can allow the player to skip the room entirely.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • Haggabah is arguably the most deadly of the trolls in melee combat due to his high damage and ability to stun the player; however, he has no ranged weaponry or abilities to speak of. Assuming the player can discern his location, missile weapons may be of use when fighting him.
  • Coming prepared with one of the aforementioned methods of revealing Haggabah can make the fight much easier, as his invisibility plus his juker AI can make pinpointing his location otherwise very difficult.
  • Combat can be completely avoided if the player's reputation with trolls is high enough; however, the player must have a way to reveal Haggabah in order to trade with him for the key, or they must get through the door through other means.


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