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Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers regarding late-game secrets. Proceed at your own discretion.


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highly entropic beings (Loved100 Reputation)
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1650 XP

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Extra info:
  • This creature is unique
  • Can perform the Water Ritual, and teaches their main faction's skill
  • Cannot be knocked prone
  • Weighs 201 lbs

Limbs* (Clam): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations

Bump, scars, and ridges crisscross the monstrous waveform shell from where the boundaries of dimensions ground against the interstitial space. A soft organ-thing lies inside, lit by the glimmers of Old Light flashing off the all-color nacre. Grooves across the shell mantle billow with the dust of ontoxanthellae, cross-dimensional symbiotes. Arrayed aside them are articles of other places, a pan-dimensional inventory stocked by an entropic broker.


0lam is a legendary giant clam and highly entropic being which resides in a pocket dimension called Tzimtzlum.

It sells fifteen items (non-restocking), each with a uniformly random tier and a 75% chance to generate extradimensional, as well as the unique and remarkably expensive artifact Otherpearl.[1][2] 0lam is the only highly entropic being which can perform the water ritual, requiring one dram of warm static. Highly entropic beings accept all secrets and gossip and provide random secrets.


0lam possesses the mutation Ley Shifting, which it activates when a hostile creature approaches within two tiles. When damaged, 0lam defends itself by summoning extradimensional hunters from nearby giant clams:

0lam opens wide, and the nacre inside its shell glimmers with unseen light.

You sense psychic presences foreign to this place and time.

0lam summons three extradimensional hunters when first damaged, and summons an additional 1-3 extradimensional hunters every 150-200 turns until the player kills it, leaves Tzimtzlum, or dies.[3] Each extradimensional hunter has a 50% chance to be a cult hunter; this is chosen independently for each hunter, so hunters from different cults can spawn together in a single summoning.

Like any other merchant, 0lam will equip items it is carrying if it lacks an item in that slot. If an extradimensional item which provides a mutation is equipped this way, 0lam will gain access to that mutation boosted by its ego of 14-27. [1] Temporal Fugue clones created this way will summon extradimensional hunters when damaged as noted above.

Upon initiating combat: 0lam is almost certain to activate Ley Shifting in addition to the initial summoning of extradimensional hunters, rising from the ground and moving a number of distances indicated by a visual static effect as the camera follows until reaching its destination after which: the player, companions, and any summoned hunter can resume their actions.

Whilst there are many opportunities for the player and any companions to attack in melee: this will repeat on occasion until the battle's over, meaning the player will have to go between fending of the hunters whom protect it, and taking advantage of every available opening. Having powerful companions such as: Oboroqoru, Ape God focus on 0lam as formidable companions such as Wardens hold off the various hunters, allowing the player to focus on it.


Caution: This section contains unverified speculation and should not be considered canonical.
  • 0lam's name may be derived from the Hebrew עולם (ʿolam), which can mean, among other things, "nature," "existence," "world," or "eternity."[4] It may also be related to the concept of ʿolamot[5] in Kabbalah.


This information is reliable as of patch
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