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Reputation Bonus

highly entropic beings: 300



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Worn On


MA Bonus


Extra Info:

All-color nacre is hardened into an ontologically perfect shape; the mathematics of spheres are mere approximations. Inside, ribboned patterns of aether are frozen in stasis and cohere as a moonlit vista, a scene somehow tethered to the spacetime point whence you observed it. The meaning of this pairing is unknown and unknowable.

+300 reputation with Entropic
+2 MA
+40 psychic glimmer
Objects you find are five times more likely to come from other dimensions.


The Otherpearl can be bought from 0lam.

It raises glimmer and causes extradimensional items to to be generated significantly more often, such as in newly-explored zones. Specifically, it multiplies the factor which determines the probability of items being extradimensional by 5. The base value of the factor is 1, so a single Otherpearl will make objects 5 times as likely to be extradimensional. It is possible to duplicate the Otherpearl with metamorphic polygel. When multiple are equipped, their effect on extradimensional item generation stacks exponentially. For example, two Otherpearls make objects 25 times more likely to come from other dimensions. The additional chance of extradimensional items applies to all items that are generated during play, including creature equipment, loot, merchants wares and restocks, and more.[1][2]

Recall Story

The Otherpearl has an option when viewing it in the inventory to recall story, which when selected, displays the following:

[ The Recitation of the Drowning of Eudoxia ]

The Recitation of the Drowning of Eudoxia by the witches of Moonhearth, who seek the Plane of Sorrow

Once, in a dream the nine of us shared, we lived the life of a famous poet in the court of a gleaming city. From the windowed eye of a palace we'd gaze onto streets of gold and glass, and purple gardens, and the people of the city, suffused in the love of our work would lay amaranths at the bronze feet of our likenesses, and remit blessings for the august and oracular Keskonda.

But we would draw the velvet curtain shut, and return to the ink oceans and paper isles that were our true domain. There, one unearthly night, we sat in the back-breaking clutch of an iron chair, and poured grief onto the page until it surpassed even our own, and, by following from its own internal logic, transmuted into something new.

When we woke, we wept for days. Then - speaking through hushed and love-soaked whispers - we reconstructed piece by piece the words of the verse we penned in the gleaming city.

     The drowning of Eudoxia

     I saw a tern in the crest of an ocean wave. The sun was pulled apart by clouds, and the light was thin. Being a nimble girl of twelve, I scurried down the rampart and onto the salt-slick stone of the cliff;

     Hand-under-hand I descended into the raucous spray, turning on every twelfth to gaze at the white feathered speck swelling and sinking in the ocean's breath.

     I, an adept swimmer, sunk into the cold and endless bath, and arm-over-arm pulled both water and tern toward me.

     Just then my ears were drowned in a roar, and the world was suffused in darkness before shattering into light again. My nose was stinging; I wiped the water from my eyes and oriented myself toward the tern, whose tired body floated like leaves, and once again I pulled my astral tether.

     There was another roar and crash, and then the light returned again but more slowly this time, and my breath was sucked out of my tiny lungs;

     I spun my head around in search of the tern, but the water was gleaming and looked as though it held a thousand terns, or none.

     Another roar and crash, and I was engulfed in the dark realm for what felt like days, before my body was pressed back into the sun-world, spinning and doll-like.

     I gasped and whipped about. Far and away I glimpsed the bright stone of the castle, which may have been sand all along, now that it looked so small.

     The tide pulled me apart and threw the clouded aether between me, and I knew that I was dying.

     But just then when my mind had spread open like a gas, a great swell of water thrust me to the surface, and reconstituted me in the bright realm. There I lived forever, before I sunk into a new and dark life.

     So it is still, that even after an eternity of hushed nothing a swell of pressure delivers me into brightness, whereby a strange and curious compulsion I draw a breath of sweetest life, before I'm again sublimated into extinction.

     Death is forever approached.


This information is reliable as of patch
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