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As of Patch This information is reliable as of patch


Effect Type

Mental, Minor, Negative, Removable


(if in sleep mode):
In power conservation mode.
-12 DV.
Attackers receive +4 to penetration rolls.
Will return to normal operations dazed if damage is taken.

(if asleep):
-12 DV.
Attackers receive +4 to penetration rolls.
Will wake up dazed if damage is taken.

asleep is an effect that causes immobility and inaction for the specified amount of turns unless attacked, in which case the previously asleep creature will wake up dazed. The player can also choose to wake the asleep creature in the interaction menu if they are in an adjacent square. This is not a hostile action.

Creatures that are asleep cannot be spoken to, and instead the dialogue "(creature) snores loudly." appears instead. If the sleeping creature has a mind that can be psychically communicated with and is spoken to through Telepathy mutation.pngTelepathy instead, the sleeping creature's dreams will be seen instead in cyan text, which are generated using Markov Chaining, the same method as white titled books. If the creature's primary faction is Birds, their dreams will also be interspersed with caws.[1]

Whenever a creature awakens from an involuntary sleep effect, they gain the wakeful status for 3-5 rounds.

Sources of Sleep




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