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Villagers of Kyakukya




Mayor Nuntu

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A jungle village of ape-god worshippers and their giant mushroom dwellings.


Kyakuya is a village in the jungle, notable for its merchant, Yurl, a guaranteed copy of the Corpus Choliys, and for granting the Raising Indrix quest. Additionally, Kyakukya is the only village where hostile creatures can spawn in the village outskirts.

Kyakukya is populated mostly by Kyakukyan hunters, mushroom gatherers, and woodsprogs, with a small group of worshippers of Oboroqoru gathering around a statue of their god which lies on the eastern side of the village.

The village’s mayor is Mayor Nuntu, an albino ape guaranteed to sell a copy of the Corpus Choliys and a merchant advertisement. The bookshelves in his study also contain a guaranteed copy of Heirlooms of Qud, along with other books, including recipes.

Yurl, the village merchant, has a shop in the northwestern corner of town.

There are two pools of stored water. This water can be freely collected by walking through the sandstone.

Its local recipe is Mulled Mushroom Cider.

Interactive Map

YurlMayor NuntuWarden IndrixCrowsongMulled Mushroom CiderStatue of OboroqoruThe village of Kyakukya with all npcs selectable. Does not work on mobile!
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  • Kyakukyan hunters did not appear in Kyakukya for many years, even though they were intended to, due to a long-standing typo in the game files. This was rectified in patch (November 2020).