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Consortium of Phyta (Loved100 Reputation)
villagers of Kyakukya (Liked50 Reputation)



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450 XP

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Extra info:
  • This creature is unique
  • Weighs 200 lbs
  • Damaged normally by defoliant

Limbs* (Vine): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations

Yurl, a sentient cucumber vine, puts their roots down in a squat clay pot on the floor of their hut. Myriad wares rest on oaken shelves throughout the room, and with their tendrils Yurl exhibits them to interested customers by crawling along an iron trellis. You notice that Yurl creeps toward products almost before you think of them; the gift of telepathy affords the sprightly vine a distinct advantage as a chandler.


Yurl is a sapient mutated plant member of the Consortium of Phyta and villagers of Kyakukya factions, and a resident of Ovw kyakukya.pngKyakukya. They act as Kyakukya's general merchant, and have a shop set up in the northwest corner of the village.[1]


Yurl is a sentient cucumber vine, and a "chandler" and "notary" for the Consortium of Phyta. They offer little about their own backstory, save for the fact that they've "been growing out of this pot for a while now", and before that, they were "in another pot". Mayor nuntu.pngMayor Nuntu claims that Yurl is "harmless", and came to Kyakukya "a few years ago" after the previous chandler, a hyacinth named Plysago, suffered an "accident" at the hands of a hunter called Axelcatl.

Like other members of the Consortium, Yurl has a certain disdain for fungi, and takes offense at the notion of "consorting" with them, claiming that fungi are only for consumption and shelter.

Additionally, Yurl expresses contempt for Earl asphodel.pngAsphodel, Earl of Omonporch, calling xem a "socialite" and a "scoundrel", and claiming that they "hate" xem. They also mention that Plysago had the idea to seize control of the Spindle first, but that Plysago "isn't around to make their case".


Yurl, being a general merchant, stocks a variety of items, and notably carries a large supply of ammunition. They will restock their wares periodically.[2]

Item Quantity
Item from Ammo 2 250-375
Item from Ammo 3 50-75
Item from Ammo 1 20-75
Item from Junk 2 5-7
Item from Junk 3 5-7
Item from Junk 4 5-7
Item from Food 2 5-7
Torch.pngtorch 4
Canteen.pngcanteen with 1d65-10-64 (Avg: 32) drams of Water.pngwater 4
empty Waterskin.pngwaterskin 4
Ripe cucumber.pngripe cucumber 3-5
Spectacles.pngspectacles 1
Kyakukya recoiler.pngKyakukya recoiler 1
Copper nugget.pngcopper nugget 0-2


Yurl will begin neutral to the player, but will become hostile if the player attacks them or any members of the Consortium of Phyta within view of them. They will also become hostile if the player's reputation with the Consortium of Phyta falls low enough, or if the player is seen stealing Yurl's belongings. Yurl will not become hostile if the player attacks or steals from the villagers of Kyakukya, however.

Notably, due to their Consortium of Phyta affiliation, Yurl will be hostile to players with enough fungal infections.


Yurl only comes with one piece of equipment, a Clay pot.pngclay pot, which will grant them an AV bonus of ♦2. They possess no weaponry, and will simply attack in melee with their manipulators, which are equivalent to their fists.[3]


Yurl possesses the Cudgel Proficiency and Berate skills. The former will increase Yurl's accuracy when attacking with their manipulators, and the latter will allow Yurl to inflict shamed on a target.[3]


Yurl possesses Burgeoning mutation.pngBurgeoning at mutation level 3, Confusion mutation.pngConfusion at level 4, Force bubble mutation.pngForce Bubble at level 2, Photosynthetic skin mutation.pngPhotosynthetic Skin at level 1, and Telepathy mutation.pngTelepathy.[3] Burgeoning allows Yurl to summon allied plants to fight for them; Confusion allows Yurl to confuse their targets; and Force Bubble allows Yurl to surround themself with Forcefield.pngforcefields for protection.


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