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Effect Type

Mental, Minor, Negative, Removable


-4 DV
-4 Willpower
-4 Ego
-10% Quickness

Shamed is an effect caused by the Berate skill. It is considered a mental attack, so it cannot be applied to creatures that are immune to mental attacks, such as plants, fungi, oozes, or robots.

Creatures affected by shamed will suffer its penalties for a duration of 6d66-36 (Avg: 21) turns.

Additional Sources

  • This effect can also be caused by the Reflect Shame mutation of unpleasant mirror, a pet available only to Patreon supporters of Freehold Games. This source of the effect lasts for 10-2010-20 (Avg: 15) turns.[1]


  • The game's code contains an unused shame gas which inflicts this effect alongside a shame breath mutation similar to corrosive breath and the other breath mutations.


This information is reliable as of patch
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