Covered in liquid

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covered in liquid


Effect Type

Contact-based, Negative, Removable

covered in liquid

Covered in (amount) drams of (liquid name).

Covered in liquid is an effect that is applied by walking through or otherwise coming into contact with liquids. It can be applied to objects or creatures; if a creature is walking through liquids, their equipped items also have a chance to be affected. The exact name and description of this effect varies significantly depending on the type and amount of liquid that the object or creature is covered in. For example, a player who has walked through pools of honey, oil, and wine might end up with the following variant of covered in liquid:

sticky lush oily

Covered in 2 drams of honeyed lush oil.

This effect is considered a "Negative" effect only if one of the component liquids is considered dangerous to contact (for example, lava or acid).

Creatures or objects that become covered in liquid also have a small chance of becoming stained by liquid.

The player can remove this effect from themselves and all of their equipment by cleaning themselves with water. To do this, interact with a filled waterskin or other source of water and choose the clean all your items [1 dram] option.