Itchy skin

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itchy skin


Effect Type

Metabolic, Illness, Minor, Negative, Removable

itchy skin

Skin flakes and itches. Is something growing there?

itchy skin is an effect caused by failing the Toughness save caused by contact with fungal spores from a broodpuff or a creature infected with fickle gill.

This effect develops into a fungal infection after 2-3 days (2400 - 3600 turns).[1].

While this effect is active, the player will periodically see the message "Your skin itches." in the message log.



  • Cooking with pickled mushrooms or freeze-dried hoarshrooms can yield a triggered effect to remove itchy skin. This is subject to random chance, but the Carbide Chef skill and the inspired buff should nearly guarantee your chances of getting one of the desired recipes with the effect " are immune to fungal spores for 6 hours." Unlike the effect above, this will clear an existing case of itchy skin (as well as preventing new ones for 6 hours, as promised).
  • Cooking effects that grant a triggered effect of " of your negative status effects is removed at random" or "...all of your negative status effects are removed" can remove an existing itchy skin effect. You can potentially gain one of these cooking effects by cooking with starapple jam, congealed salve, or soul curd. You'll need to combine one of those ingredients with at least one other ingredient, and the metabolized effect gained by cooking may or may not be the one that can remove negative status effects.
  • The physical debuff-removing effect of Regeneration can remove the itchy skin effect, and it will almost certainly do so before it can develop into a fungal infection, even at mutation level 1.
  • Recuperating objects, such as regeneration tank or hyperbiotic bed will also remove itchy skin, if it does not evolve into a full fungal infection before the turns required to initiate the recuperation are up

Things That Don't Work

Drinking honey or eating yuckwheat stems has no interaction with itchy skin because a fungal infection is not considered a disease. They do not prevent it, and they will not reduce the chances of it turning into a fungal infection. For this reason, recipes that cure incubating illnesses also have no effect.


This information is reliable as of patch
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