Coated in plasma

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coated in plasma


Effect Type

Contact-based, Negative, Removable

coated in plasma

-100 heat resistance
-100 cold resistance
-100 electric resistance
Temperature does not passively return to ambient temperature
Patting or rolling firefighting actions are 25% as effective
Removes liquid coatings

Coated in plasma is an effect applied to anything that comes in contact with plasma.

The only direct and immediate effect of being coated in plasma is that all liquid coverings are immediately removed from the creature or object.[1]

However, this effect also applies a -100 penalty to heat, cold, and electric elemental resistances, and makes it impossible for the coated creature or object to naturally return to ambient temperature for the duration of the effect.[1] This can make a creature or object extremely susceptible to temperature effects that can start them on fire or freeze them, and also makes them extremely susceptible to heat, cold, or electric damage.


The duration of the coated in plasma effect is dependent on the density of plasma that the object or creature came into contact with.

The effect lasts for a random number of turns between Density * 2 / 5 and Density * 3 / 5.[1]

Plasma Density Duration of "Covered in Plasma" Example Source
20 8-128-12 (Avg: 10) turns spaser pistol projectile, upon hitting target[2][3]
40 16-2416-24 (Avg: 20) turns plasma grenade mk I[4][3]
80 32-4832-48 (Avg: 40) turns spaser rifle, projectile, upon hitting target[2][3]
120 48-6248-62 (Avg: 55) turns plasma grenade mk III[4][3]
500 200-300200-300 (Avg: 250) turns plasma jelly's plasma cloud, after about 5 turns of releasing plasma[5]
1000 400-600400-600 (Avg: 500) turns plasma jelly, plasma cloud released on death[3]

Sources of This Effect

Any source of plasma can potentially cause the coated in plasma effect.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • To avoid this effect, try to keep your distance from any clouds of plasma gas. If you do become coated in plasma, it is advisable to run and seek cover in a safe place until the effect ends.


This information is reliable as of patch
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