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As of Patch This information is reliable as of patch
Make Camp
Skill Tree



0 sp


15 Intelligence



Start a campfire for cooking meals and preserving foods.

Make Camp allows one to create campfires. It is the one unique skill that all player characters start out with, regardless of their intelligence score. However, players are unable to choose ingredients to make meals with or preserve foods until they also purchase Cooking and Gathering and learn Meal Preparation.

Whip up a meal

When choosing the option to 'whip up a meal', a variety of items may be chosen as flavour text for the contents of your meal, including books, tonics, gases, a dram of a liquid, the limbs of creatures, and a number of ingredients not represented by an item (such as saffron) which can be influenced by the biome of the terrain you are cooking in (such as the thorn from a jilted lover, available in the salt desert and the flower fields). When items are chosen to describe the meal, they will not be consumed if the player actually has said item in their inventory.[1]

Creatures That Have Make Camp

No creatures have this by default.


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