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Barathrumites (Loved100 Reputation)





Corpse Dropped

urshiib corpse (90%)

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400 XP

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Extra info:
  • This creature is unique
  • Weighs 201 lbs

Limbs* (Humanoid): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations

Their face is tender, clean, and dotted with tiny furs. Their head-hair is gelatinized and shaped into a sharp rectangle. Their eyes are light and wide. Weird clothes hang about their narrow frame, and their fingers fidget in patterned asynchronicity. Occasionally they beam a grin and freeze their motion before resuming as if nothing happened.


Neek is a member of the Barathrumites and an inhabitant of Grit Gate.[1]


Neek is a Barathrumite who carries themself somewhat strangely. They speak in an odd, idiosyncratic way, often narrating their own actions in the first person and explaining concepts by describing them as being "sort of like" something else. They also seem to enjoy chanting in response to things they hear. They are notable for their "rectangle hair", which is apparently inspired by the "big sails" grown by "prehistoric lizards".

Neek appears to be friends with Shem -1, and describes hugging them and "dragging" them to the library to read to them. Hortensa says that she has instructed Neek "since they were a lil' cub", and describes them as "...a strange one! Bouncey. Full of smiles. But brilliant in their own way." She also mentions that Neek has authored at least one book, "Spiderwebs on Hoversleds", and claims it is her favorite book.


Neek will spawn with various odds and ends, some of which they will equip, and some of which they can sell to the player. They do not restock their inventory.[2]

Item Quantity
A phial of primordial soup 2
umber frock 1
grassy yurtmat 1
croccasins 1
albino monkey braid 1
spray bottle 1
dart gun 1
box of crayons 1
fidget cell 0-1
beaded bracelet 0-1
beaded bracelet 0-1
beaded bracelet 0-1
Item from Junk 1 1-2
Item from Junk 2 1-2
Item from Junk 3 1-2
Item from Ingredients based on zone tier 0-2
Item from Figurines 3 1
Items rolled from Scrap based on zone tier 1


Neek will begin neutral to the player, but will become hostile if the player attacks them or a Barathrumite within view of them. Neek can also become hostile if the player's reputation with the Barathrumites falls low enough, or if the player is seen stealing their belongings or damaging their property.


In addition to the items listed above, Neek will always spawn with a laser rifle, slotted with a chem cell at 100% charge, which they will utilize in ranged combat. They will not list this item if the player trades with them.[3]

Due to the nature of Neek's inventory, they can be granted a wide variety of items and thus their armor, weaponry, and other equipment can be highly random. They may or may not come equipped with random melee weapons; if not, they will simply attack in melee with their \fists. They may also spawn with an additional missile weapon, which they may opt to swap out their laser rifle for if the new weapon's stats are superior.


Neek possesses the Bow and Rifle skill, which will additionally grant them the Draw a Bead and Steady Hands skills. The latter will increase their accuracy when using their laser rifle, or any other bows or rifles they may utilize. Additionally, they possess the Tumble skill, which will increase their DV by ○1.[3]


Being an urshiib, Neek possesses the Albino (D) mutation, the Quills mutation at level 6, and the Triple-jointed mutation at level 3.[3] Quills provides Neek with damage reflection, immunity to the quills of other creatures, and the "Quill Fling" activated ability, which allows Neek to fire a portion of their quills to deal damage to adjacent creatures. They will also possess quills, natural equipment worn on their body that can't be removed, providing them with an additional ♦4 AV. Triple-jointed will grant Neek an additional 3 Agility.

Self Preservation

If Neek's hitpoints fall below 55% of their maximum, they will cease combat and will begin to actively flee from threats.[4]


Subpage: Neek/Conversations


  • The "big sails" Neek mentions in their dialogue is likely in reference to neural spine sails, which are thought to have been a feature of prehistoric animals who possessed extended neural spines. These sails are thought to have served a number of functions, with a common proposition (which is also mentioned by Neek) being that they were used for thermoregulation. The "prehistoric lizard" Neek mentions may be the Dimetrodon, an extinct genus of synapsid that is commonly mistaken for a dinosaur, actually being more closely related to mammals than modern reptiles.


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