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Barathrumites (Loved100 Reputation)





Corpse Dropped

urshiib corpse (90%)

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600 XP

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Extra info:
  • This creature is unique
  • Weighs 201 lbs

Limbs* (Humanoid): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations

This urshiib has particularly long and slender fingers even beyond the likes of those of his kin. Littering his workshop are all sorts of implements of battle, from shoulder-mounted cannons to needle-pointed vibroblades. He turns his focus upon you as you approach, and that focus coalesces to your mouth when you speak.


Sparafucile is a member of the Barathrumites and an inhabitant of Grit Gate.[1] He is a weapons tinker and a merchant.


Sparafucile, or "Spara" as nicknamed by some of the Barathrumites, is a "harm-artisan", a tinker specializing in the creation of weapons, especially firearms. He is the creator of the scoped masterwork carbine, which can be given to the player by Otho after completing More Than a Willing Spirit.

Sparafucile appears to be a kind-hearted and loving individual, and expresses to the player how happy he is living in Grit Gate, as he is with his family. He is known for his smile, which is described as "warm" and "lovely".

Notably, Sparafucile is both deaf and mute, and communicates with others by reading their lips and replying in American Sign Language. When asked about his condition, Sparafucile denies that it was caused by his line of work, and is instead "lifelong", implying he was born deaf.

Shem -1 mentions that they will climb upon Sparafucile's workbench to have their screws replaced on occasion. Hortensa states that Sparafucile "beams like the high salt sun" when he "achieves a moment of perfection in his craft", implying that he takes great pride in his work.


Sparafucile is a merchant who will periodically restock his wares. He primarily sells data disks and various bits of scrap.[2]

Item Quantity
A random data disk 5-7
Items rolled from Scrap 1 5-7
Items rolled from Scrap 2 5-7
Items rolled from Scrap 3 5-7
Items rolled from Scrap 4 5-7
A waterskin with a random volume of water 3-5


Sparafucile will begin neutral to the player but will become hostile if the player attacks him or any Barathrumites within view of him. He can also become hostile if the player's reputation with the Barathrumites falls low enough, or if the player is seen stealing their belongings or damaging their property.


Sparafucile will always possess his own scoped masterwork carbine, identical to the one obtainable by the player, as well as 60-100 lead slugs. Sparafucile will never list his carbine when trading with the player. Additionally, he will spawn with an umber frock.[3]


Sparafucile possesses the Bow and Rifle skill, which will additionally grant him the Draw a Bead and Steady Hands skills. The latter will increase his accuracy when using his carbine.[3]


Being an urshiib, Sparafucile possesses the Albino (D) mutation, the Quills mutation at level 6, and the Triple-jointed mutation at level 3.[3] Quills provides Sparafucile with damage reflection, immunity to the quills of other creatures, and the "Quill Fling" activated ability, which allows Sparafucile to fire a portion of his quills to deal damage to adjacent creatures. He will also possess quills, natural equipment worn on his body that can't be removed, providing him with an additional ♦4 AV. Triple-jointed will grant Sparafucile an additional 3 Agility.

Self Preservation

If Sparafucile's hitpoints fall below 40% of his maximum, he will cease combat and will begin to actively flee from threats.[4]


Subpage: Sparafucile/Conversations


Caution: This article or section contains unverified speculation and should not be considered canonical.
  • Sparafucile is the name of an assassin in Giuseppi Verdi's opera Rigoletto. The name presumably comes from sparare ("to fire") and fucile ("rifle")
  • The "glass tubes" Sparafucile warns the player of when they question him about Bethesda Susa are likely the cryotubes found in the cryobarrios.


This information is reliable as of patch
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