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box of crayons
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box of crayons

Wax from the hives of Odrum is mixed in dye and moulded to the shape of styli. Together in the box they sample the iridescence of the world and offer the tools to expand it.


A box of crayons is a type of initially unidentified trade good. When unidentified, it appears as a small box. Unlike most trade goods, its price is not fixed.

Crayons can be drawn with by interacting with them and selecting draw.[1] This prompts for a drawing subject, specified as a string of text, a color chosen from a list, and a direction. The text input is discarded and one of the objects (not necessarily the visible one) in the adjacent cell in the indicated direction relative to the cell the crayons are in changes its detail color to the color chosen.


There is a 1 in 500 chance for a box of crayons to be “nanocrayons”, whose effect is completely different from ordinary crayons. Drawing with nanocrayons attempts to match the text input against the internal name of an item blueprint, similarly to the default wish. If it finds a blueprint, a popup appears that says “The picture stretches into the 3rd dimension and becomes real.” and the requested object is spawned. This consumes the nanocrayons. (Failing to spawn an object with the nanocrayons does not consume them.)

Certain things can only be obtained by drawing them with nanocrayons, such as Agate Severance Star.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • Ordinary crayons can be a rudimentary way to customize companions or even your own character. They do not however count for the Mark of Death
  • When testing if a box of crayons is nanocrayons, it might be amusing to try drawing Agate Severance Star, who otherwise does not appear in the game except by wishing.
  • Crayons don't stack with each other.[2] This means you can't use stacking behavior to narrow down which ones are nanocrayons.


  • In the source code for the game, there are a variety of general color-related static utility functions stored in the box of crayons Crayons class, which also holds the code specific to the behavior of this item.


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