Yla Haj

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Yla Haj
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Yla Haj


Daughters of Exile (Loved100 Reputation)




female (she/her)

Corpse Dropped

human corpse (90%)

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725 XP

XP Tier




Extra info:
  • This creature is unique
  • Can perform the Water Ritual, and teaches their main faction's skill
  • Weighs 201 lbs

Limbs* (Humanoid): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations
Yla Haj

Spools of hair are bunched under the frustum of her habit, her round cheeks are smeared with polyurethane and Spindle dust, and her face is pulled low by the violence of her square jaw. Long, muscular forearms are tensed by the repeated pinching motion of tool manipulation. Her eyes are ultra keen and shine bright cyan, and her vision smoothly segues between her work and her surroundings.


Yla Haj is a legendary member of the Daughters of Exile faction. She is a tinker and a merchant who resides in the northwestern corner of Ezra.[1]


Yla Haj is a member of the Daughter of Exiles, a group consisting of "tinker-nuns" who seek to better know Rebekah, a teacher to Resheph, the last sultan of Qud. Yla Haj has the "honor" among her "sisters" of permanent residence next to Rebekah's gravesite, which she claims is a "holy site" for the Daughters, and which is located close to her shop in the southwestern corner of Ezra. Yla Haj claims to live a life of "unbelonging", and tells the player: "...the shape of a society is visible only from the outside, and there is peace beyond a boundary."

Yla Haj does not seem to think highly of Zothom the Penitent, referring to him as him a "fool", and saying of him: "I have no use for a man who seeks salvation in the body of a dead woman."

Additionally, she seems to dislike her neighbor Sixshrew, as when asked what she thinks of xem, she simply responds: "I don't." Sixshrew similarly dislikes Yla Haj, calling her a "fleshy tinker" and complaining of the "racket" that comes from her work.


Yla Haj has a variety of different items, some of which she will restock, and some of which she will not. Yla Haj is also a tinker, and can repair items and identify artifacts in exchange for drams of water.

Yla Haj will restock the following:[2][3]

Item Quantity
a random data disk 2-3
Ezra recoiler 1

Yla Haj will not restock the following:[4][5]

Item Quantity
waterskin with 1d65-10-64 (Avg: 32) drams of water 1-2
Something from Cybernetics5 6-8
cybernetics credit wedge 3¢ 1
pocketed vest 1
sandals 1
basic toolkit 1


Yla Haj is neutral by default, but will become hostile if the player attacks her. She can also become hostile if the player's reputation with the Daughters of Exile falls low enough.


Yla Haj will always come equipped with a steel utility knife and a stun rod, which she will utilize in melee combat.[5] Additionally, she will possess a set of fullerite flake armor, a quartzfur hat, a pair of crysteel boots, and a powered exoskeleton which is guaranteed to be modified.[4]


Yla Haj can never spawn disliked or hated by the Farmers' Guild or the Fellowship of Wardens.

Water Ritual

The player is able to perform the water ritual with Yla Haj. As a member of the Daughters of Exile, she will share secrets about Resheph (specifically those that involve Rebekah), and is interested in learning secrets regarding sultan tomb inscriptions, or gossip involving the Daughters of Exile. She can also teach the player the Repair skill, or 1-2 random blueprints. Finally, she can be recruited as a companion.[6]


Subpage: Yla Haj/Conversations


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