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sewage eel
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fish (Loved100 Reputation)





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130 XP

XP Tier




Extra info:
  • This creature is aquatic.
  • Cannot be knocked prone
  • Weighs 201 lbs

Limbs* (Fish): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations
sewage eel

Circular gills on its tongue-slick and finned bodypipe suck air out of the surrounding foul liquid gunk.


sewage eels are fish that are able to spawn hidden in liquids with volume greater than 200 drams[1] (wading depth) like black ooze, green goo, and brown sludge.

When hidden, the eel technically does not exist, but rather a spawning object. This object does not move, and a static amount is generated when the ooze/goo/sludge is created. For example, black jells have an 80% chance to spawn a puddle of black ooze in all tiles adjacent to it, with a 25% chance those puddles will contain a sewage eel spawner.

The spawning tile can be searched from an adjacent tile. This happens passively when the creature walks next to the spawning tile, and the creature will have a chance based on their intelligence score to reveal the eel. A random number from 1 to the searcher's intelligence score (including bonuses) will be rolled. If this is higher than or equal to the difficulty of the hidden eel (which is 16), the eel will no longer be hidden. This chance is .[2] This will spawn the eel before it is able to strike.

You spot a sewage eel!

If the eel is still hidden when the spawner is stepped on, there's a 50% chance that the eel will emerge in an adjacent tile and attempt to trip the creature if the eel is hostile towards it, forcing them to make an agility save of difficulty 16. If the save is successful, the creature will maintain their balance. If not, the effect that will occur upon prone will change depending on the liquid that the creature falls into.

A sewage eel wraps itself around your legs!

Effects on prone

Main article: Prone
Liquid Effect on Prone
black ooze ironshank onset (if on even Z-levels) or glotrot onset (on odd Z-levels)
brown sludge attempt to rust 3 metal items equipped or in the inventory with a 75% chance
green goo inflicts level 10 poisoned with ♥ 1d2+23-4 (Avg: 3.5) damage per turn and a duration of (1d2+2)d2 turns if the toughness save of 30 fails


This information is reliable as of patch
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