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Disambig.png This article is about the faction. For the creature, see Waydroid.
Visible Faction


Initial Player



Barathrumites: Neutral0 Reputation
Beasts: Hated-100 Reputation
Grazing hedonists: Neutral0 Reputation
Others: Neutral-10 Reputation

Old?Whether this faction existed during the
sultanate, which determines if they:
  • can be obliterated
  • can be fabricated
  • can be Cherubim
  • no

    ID?Use this ID to Wish for faction reputation
    Example: factionrep:Waydroids:100


    Waydroids are a hidden faction occupied solely by Waydroid.pngwaydroids. As a hidden faction, there is no way to gain reputation with them; the only way to pacify waydroids is with a Droid scrambler.pngdroid scrambler. (See the section on droid scrambler vulnerability in the waydroids article for details.)

    Creatures in the Waydroids Faction

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