The hydropon

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the hydropon
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Palladium Reef



the hydropon

A hydroponic cradle containing a cutting of water lily and empowered by sunslag.


The hydropon is a unique area that houses a small group of newly sentient beings, the slynth, who are led by Thah. The slynth are said to have been grown one by one from the overgrown foam pad that appears in the center of the hydropon.

Talking with Thah will allow the player to begin the Landing Pads quest.


The location of the hydropon is randomly determined each playthrough, similar to Bey Lah, and thus it must be discovered either by trading secrets, searching the Palladium Reef, or speaking to a slynth. It takes up only one zone, and can appear anywhere in the Palladium Reef - it is not always in the center of a parasangAn area made of 3x3 screens, which is represented as one tile on the overworld map., and does not have any outskirts or other related adjacent zones.


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