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Spoiler Warning: This article contains information normally only found in the course of advancing the main quest line.
The "recoming nook"

Gyl is a location in Lake Hinnom[1] with a small building containing a "recoming nook": a full-scale recompositer, a recoming reliquary and the vessel of the First Sip. The walls are constructed of gilded marble from the sultanate (second period)[2][3]

After the events of Tomb of the Eaters (quest), the player may choose to return to Qud from before the gate to Brightsheol, causing them to appear at this location with a new body. They are initially nude (except for cybernetics and any cursed items), dehydrated and without inventory. The player can find the items and equipment from their previous body in the recoming reliquary.


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Recoming in Gyl can be dangerous as the player will appear with no items or equipment and hostile creatures may lurk outside the building.

  • Equip yourself quickly but thoroughly before eliminating any threats.
  • The recoming reliquary is extremely durable and unlikely to be destroyed in a fight.
  • It is possible to be ambushed at Gyl if the player has high psychic glimmer. Beware of space-time vortices which might whisk your belongings across Qud.
  • It is possible to learn Gyl's location prior to recoming, either from Trash Divining or factions who share secrets about "oddities" during the water ritual.
  • If Gyl is destroyed before Tomb of the Eaters (quest), the player can still recome, but will spawn in a random spot in the map.


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