Tomb of the Eaters (quest)

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Spoiler Warning: This article contains information normally only found in the course of advancing the main quest line.
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This article is a stub. You can help Caves of Qud Wiki by expanding it.

Tomb of the Eaters


Given By

Barathrum the Old



Reputation gained


NPCs Involved

Herododicus, Rainwater Shomer, Barathrum the Old

[ Barathrum the Old ]

Strange, this, and imprecise, but as tinkers we know: a crude blueprint is better than no blueprint. You must return to Omonporch and enter the Tomb of the Eaters. Once inside, trace the errant paths cut into the mausoleum by robbers and vandals, and ascend to Resheph's burial chamber.

Barathrum the Old asks the player to disable the magnetic field preventing the Barathrumites from ascending the Spindle. To do so, the player must find the Mark of Death and ascend through the halls of the Tomb of the Eaters to reach Resheph's tomb.


Recover the Mark of Death

XP: 2500

  • Travel to Ezra to find Rebekah's grave, upon which the Mark of Death is inscribed.

Inscribe the Mark

XP: 2500

Enter the Tomb of the Eaters

XP: 2500

Ascend the Tomb and Cross into Brightsheol

XP: 2500

  • Take the rubbish-strewn side path south and drop down the deep shaft to enter the Folk Catacombs. The stairwell teleporters there teleport the player directly to the stairs up to the access corridors, although the player may wish to find the mopango community and begin the Fraying Favorites quest first. Ascend through one of the access corridors to the Crematorium. Travel west through the zones in the north or the south with the steaming vents and the machine press until reaching the Columbarium. Travel upwards through the Lower Crypts, the Upper Crypts, the Liminal Way, and the tombs of the five previous sultans to reach the unfinished tomb. Find Herododicus and ask to be entombed. Enter the Thin World.

Disable the Spindle's Magnetic Field

XP: 2500

  • Speak to Rainwater Shomer and convince them to disable the Spindle's magnetic field. Decide whether to cross into Brightsheol and claim a lesser victory (this will kill the character and wipe the save file if permadeath is not disabled) or to be reconstituted and return to Qud via Gyl (this will allow the player to continue adventuring with the character).

Return to Grit Gate

XP: 7500



You returned from the Tomb of the Eaters after successfully disabling the Spindle's magnetic field.