Palladium Reef

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Palladium Reef
Palladium Reef

An arcology of bright polyps arches across the soldered trellis of old, and a rich diversity of life peoples it.


The Palladium Reef is an area of dangerous world map terrain in southeastern Qud — an abandoned arcology flooded by the waters of nearby Terrain lake hinnom31.pngLake Hinnom, overgrown by coral and inhabited by strange lifeforms. On the surface, a tangle of Palladium strut.pngpalladium struts occlude vision but do not directly block the movement of creatures or projectiles. Some of these struts are overgrown by Coral polyp.pngcoral polyps which are automatically plucked away as the player walks by; this act has a small chance of revealing a Swollen bulb.pngswollen bulb of Sunslag.pngsunslag.

Svardym and Junk dollar.pngjunk dollars are common here, as they are in Lake Hinnom, but are joined by many far greater threats such as the swift Galgal.pnggalgallim, the engulfing Tongue tyrant.pngtongue tyrants, the deadly Plasma jelly.pngplasma jellies, the Enigma snail.pngenigma snails who can inflict confusion, the Sultan croc.pngsultan crocs who can dismember the player, and many other potentially dangerous foes.

On the other hand, Reef hermit.pngreef hermits and Svardym scrounge.pngsvardym scrounges may be peaceful depending on the player's reputation. Both are willing to trade high-tier artifacts with the player when they are not hostile.

Deep shaft.pngCoral chutes descend to the inner reef, which extends for five levels beneath the surface before yielding to ordinary subterranean caves.

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Excerpt from In Maqqom Yd

With my dreaminess rightfully shed, I eventually came to the Reef proper. What an enchanting place! The maze of polyps allowed me to slink along, mostly unnoticed, and take in the doings of its flora and fauna. A rich diversity of life radiates across Qud, but in the Reef, it flourishes on a new level. In but one hemmed in quarter I witnessed a tetrad of kaleidoslugs round the rune-cut cone of an enigma snail, a jelly huff a cloud of plasma onto a memory eater, and a polycule of tongue tyrants devour a squad of interdictors. At one point the Reef came alive and a polyp-jeweled hermit walked out of the lattice. He grinned at me and bartered a broken hand rail. When I turned my head to nod goodbye, he was gone.