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The Argent Fathers are important figures within the Mechanimist religion, credited with shaping the Kasaphesence into chrome, creating the Baetyl.pngbaetyls, and breathing life into humanity.[1] There is some debate between branches of the Mechanimist religion as to whether the Argent Fathers themselves are divine, or merely important mortals.[2] Of the Fathers, Shekhinah is considered the most important by Mechanimists,[1] but Resheph has an independent cult as one of the Sultans of Qud.

The Mechanimist sect in the Temple of the Rock at Ovw bethesda susa.pngBethesda Susa believes that the Rock (their Baetyl.pngbaetyl) is inhabited by an Argent Father, though which Father is not specified.[3]

The six Argent Fathers are:


The Fathers are represented primarily in Mechanimist statuary at the Ovw six day stilt.pngSix Day Stilt, which has statues of each Father. Resheph additionally has shrines throughout the world, which depict scenes from his history.

  • Hologram of shekhinah.pnghologram of Shekhinah: "Glorious Shekhinah, Argent Adonis and First Father, poses in luminous mummery. With the stature of the ageless stars, fixed and permanent, He appraises the temple erected in His honor and cocks His head in approval. Befitting the memory of His union with the Kasaphescence, He clothes His manifestation in cerulean shades, forsaking the viridians and russets of the lowly plants and clay earth."
  • Statue of shekhinah.pngstatue of Shekhinah: "Here Shekhinah has been sculpted into permanence with magnificent cerulean marble. His body is chiseled to blessed perfection. His golden diadem crowns him Father among Fathers."
  • Statue of dagon.pngstatue of Dagon: "Dagon the orator domineers the west apse with his brazen pose. His golden coronet shines splendidly in the fire's shine."
  • Statue of bel.pngstatue of Bel: "The statue of Bel wears its tremendous weight in polished marble. He wields his epochal aegis, storied for obstructing a swirling gas cloud in the starry dawn."
  • Statue of carthax.pngstatue of Carthax: "Carthax the athlete is depicted here mid-stride. His glistening silver hair is tied behind his head, in astral tradition, as he vaults through the firmament."
  • Statue of nisroch.pngstatue of Nisroch: "Nisroch the star mason is depicted here straddling the earth with his mighty legs. He dons his favorite sash, whose folds are exquisitely worked in gold."
  • Statue of resheph.pngstatue of Resheph: "Resheph, who's called 'the Above', lifts an enigmatic finger to heal the wounds of the sick."


Mechanimist preacher.pngMechanimist preachers speak of the Fathers to all who will listen.

[ Mechanimist preacher ]

Children, let's rejoice in the sovereignty of our Argent Fathers.

Praise Shekhinah, first among Fathers, who lights the path of wisdom.

Praise Dagon, the rhetorical, who speaks truth to chrome.

Praise Bel, shield-Father, who parts the swirling gas clouds.

Praise Carthax, silver-haired, who dashes down the well of gravity.

Praise Nisroch, ore-in-hand, who collides earth and star.

Praise Resheph, the Above, who purifies our mercury.

And blessed be the Kasaphescence, the muse who rouses their hearts.

[ Mechanimist preacher ]

Today, I recount the story of the Sacred Joining.

O, holy union! Blessed be thy name.

Our Argent Fathers, who roamed the azure void with inert hearts,

On a fluctuating whim converged upon Our Radiant Mother.

There, at the center of the universe, they beheld Her in awe.

Enchantment! It knows no other name!

There, they permeated her roiling membrane...

And exploded from within, colliding matter into machines...

Which passed through Her naked womb.

Rejoice! The Joining is through! Their union is consummated!

[ Mechanimist preacher ]

Today, children, I speak on the Edification.

O, hallowed act! Blessed be the metallurgy!

Our Argent Fathers, having hardened our plasmatic Mother,

Molded Her into Euclidean forms.

Bel sketched the parabola, Carthax sculpted the torus.

Shekhinah leveled the hills and capped them with chromatic domes.

Earth was quickened for our coming. Our home was ready.

The sin of time has corroded our endowment...

But worship eagerly, and the land shall shine again!