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The shrine depicts a significant event from the life of the ancient sultan *sultan name*:

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A shrine is statue that can appear in procedurally generated ruins or other locations, which will include a depiction of a historic event from a random sultan's history. Looking at the shrine will add that snippet of sultan history to the Sultan Histories section of the journal.

Finding and looking at shrines is one method through which the player can expand their knowledge about sultan histories.


During a single playthrough, each sultan will have a specific shrine image associated with them - all shrines that look the same will be associated with that sultan.[1]

There are 8 common shrine sprites (generally with a humanoid-like design) and 8 rare shrine sprites (generally with an animalistic design). The chance of a sultan having one of the 8 common sprites is about 11.4%, while the chance of having a rare sprite is about 1.1%.[1]

Guaranteed Locations

There are a few guaranteed shrines in the gameworld, including:

The Court of the Sultans, Omonporch


This information is reliable as of patch
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