Ruins of Joppa

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ruins of Joppa
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Villagers of Joppa


salt marsh

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ruins of Joppa

Ants in the viridian chaff, the farmers sap the last drops of pristine moisture out of the salt-spangled earth.


If the player chooses to start in a village other than Joppa, the zone where Joppa is typically located will instead be replaced by the destroyed and abandoned ruins of Joppa.

There is a chance for a non-unique ray cat to be in the center of the ruins.

Relevance to the Main Quest

In the southwestern corner of the village, where Argyve's shack is typically located, one can find some human remains with the following items:

This scratched data disk can be used to initiate the More Than a Willing Spirit quest and progress the main questline if taken to the communications panel at Grit Gate. This may be helpful if for some reason the player is not able to complete their random starting village quest (to obtain the stamped data disk) or if they simply prefer not to.

Sultan Statues

Similar to the non-ruined version of Joppa, the Ruins of Joppa will contain two sultan statues - one in the main village zone, and one in the zone to the north. The statue one zone north will always grant a secret that provides the location of a historic site.

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