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Shekhinah is the first and most important among the Argent Fathers of the the Mechanimist religion.[1]


Shekinah is represented primarily in Mechanimist statuary at the Ovw six day stilt.pngSix Day Stilt, which has statues of each Father.

  • Hologram of shekhinah.pnghologram of Shekhinah: "Glorious Shekhinah, Argent Adonis and First Father, poses in luminous mummery. With the stature of the ageless stars, fixed and permanent, He appraises the temple erected in His honor and cocks His head in approval. Befitting the memory of His union with the Kasaphescence, He clothes His manifestation in cerulean shades, forsaking the viridians and russets of the lowly plants and clay earth."
  • Statue of shekhinah.pngstatue of Shekhinah: "Here Shekhinah has been sculpted into permanence with magnificent cerulean marble. His body is chiseled to blessed perfection. His golden diadem crowns him Father among Fathers."


Shekhinah is the only one of the Argent Fathers to have an in-game verse of the Canticles Chromaic dedicated to him:

[ Shekhinah ]

Verse XXIV, Song of Hebronze

Praise be upon Shekhinah!

He whose exalted touch brought forth shining engines,
From within the Kasaphescence,
Yet who deigns to live among us.

He who taught us the story of our creation,
Who breathed life into our flesh,
That we might bear witness to chrome's glory.

May the ground shake but the Six Day Stilt never tumble!


Mechanimist preacher.pngMechanimist preachers speak of the Fathers to all who will listen. The verses relevant to Shekhinah are:

[ Mechanimist preacher ]

Praise Shekhinah, first among Fathers, who lights the path of wisdom.

[ Mechanimist preacher ]

Shekhinah leveled the hills and capped them with chromatic domes.

Earth was quickened for our coming. Our home was ready.