Fetch Argyve a Knickknack

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This article is a stub. You can help Caves of Qud Wiki by expanding it.
This article is a stub. You can help Caves of Qud Wiki by expanding it.

Fetch Argyve a Knickknack




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Fetch Argyve a Knickknack is one of the quests available in Joppa, and is one of the entry points to the main questline of Caves of Qud.

To complete it, the player must obtain a "knicknack" and bring it to Argyve.

Although he suggest traveling to the Rust Wells to get the knicknack, he will accept any artifact that requires identification and is a tinker item. This includes some artifacts that the player can start with or find in Joppa.


Find a Knickknack

XP: 0

  • Search Qud for an artifact.

Depending on caste/calling, the player may spawn with one or more artifacts. More may be obtained by (carefully) raiding the chests in Joppa, at Red Rock, in the waterlogged tunnel, or, as Argyve says, at the Rust Wells.

Return to Argyve

XP: 75

  • Return to Argyve with the artifact.



You fetched a trinket for an old man.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • The rarity or value of the artifact given to Argyve has no effect on the rewards given. Thus, it is a good idea to give a fairly useless artifact, such as a metal folding chair.
  • He also accepts broken artifacts.
  • This quest serves the purpose of teaching the player that not all quests need to be completed immediately or in the way that the quest-giver suggests.