Waterlogged tunnel

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waterlogged tunnel
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salt marsh

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Joppa side: JoppaWorld.
Red Rock side: JoppaWorld.

waterlogged tunnel

A small crack leads down into the earth.


The waterlogged tunnel is a partially hidden path that connects Red Rock and Joppa through an underground river 4 strata deep. The only zones that are considered the waterlogged tunnel contain the river or the floors leading upwards to Joppa. For the purposes of What's Eating the Watervine?, entering the first floor of the waterlogged tunnel through the secret entrance in Joppa (in the northwest pool of salt water) will complete the first quest step. Like the surrounding areas, the main rock in the waterlogged tunnel is shale.

The entrance to the waterlogged tunnel through the small crack found in Joppa.


On the bottom of Red Rock 4 strata deep, there will be the start of a salt water river that leads south. Following this river is the start of the waterlogged tunnel. This river flows all the way to Joppa, for a total of 6 zones. The tunnel may have open paths to the east and west and stairs that spawn before the river ends, but these are not part of the waterlogged tunnel. The creatures that spawn 4 strata deep are harder than the creatures in Red Rock.

Because the most difficult creatures are in the deepest part of the path which is in the middle, it is possible to enter from either side (Red Rock or Joppa) with similar difficulty scaling.

Ancient Bones

In the center zone of the parasang north of Joppa there will always be ancient bones somewhere on the ground, implied to be the corpse of an unfortunate miner who died in the tunnel. In terms of zones, this is 3 zones from the end of the river. The sprite is similar to the sprite of bones, which are a splotch of bright white. On this corpse will be:[1]

Because of the miner's helmet, the corpse will also have a light radius of 6.

When autoexploring, the player character will automatically pick up the food, wedge, sheaf, and sphere of negative weight, but will not pick up the miner's helmet or the pickaxe due to having weight. The miner's helmet is one of the earliest sources of light that does not need to be held, and the pickaxe will destroy walls much faster compared to weapons.

Further Along

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Somewhere along the tunnel, there will be a legendary Snapjaw encounter.

First Floor

On the first floor just below Joppa, the biome will be more like an underground canyon layout with grass and trees, and will often have baboons and equimaxes. Because the hidden entrance will be in the same spot every file, the upwards stair will also always spawn in the same upper left corner.



These creatures are common throughout the waterlogged tunnel. These are also the same creatures that spawn in all caves, including Red Rock.

These creatures are neutral based on starting player reputation:

4th Floor

These creatures only spawn at the deepest level along the river.

1st Floor (Joppa side)

These creatures are neutral based on starting player reputation:


This information is reliable as of patch
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