Red Rock

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Red Rock
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desert canyons

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location (goto:Surface: JoppaWorld.
Bottom: JoppaWorld.

Surface: JoppaWorld.
Bottom: JoppaWorld.

Red Rock

A naturally reddened outcropping of stone juts out of the salted crag.


Red Rock is an early game dungeon located two parasangs north of Joppa (or its ruins). The player is instructed to visit there for the quest What's Eating the Watervine? by Mehmet. However, it can be visited at any time.

The dungeon is 4 strata deep, ending at the mouth of an underground river. This river can be followed into the waterlogged tunnel, and into Joppa.

The creatures and plants that spawn are generally the same as other zones located within the Desert Canyons.

For a guide, see Red Rock/Guide.


The surface is littered with desert canyon critters and plants:

Goat1d31-3 (Avg: 2)100100.00%
Sultan shrine1d1155.00%
Item from Baboons1113535.00%
Item from Pilgrims1133.00%

Note that Baboons1 controlls how many baboons are spawned. Regular baboons will appear most often, but there will be hulking baboons, shrewd baboons, and a 5% chance of a legendary baboon appearing. For more information, visit the Data:Baboons1 table.

Along with creatures, there are harvestable plants that have a chance of appearing:

Dogthorn tree3d63-18 (Avg: 10.5)100100.00%
Witchwood tree1d41-4 (Avg: 2.5)2525.00%
Starapple tree1d41-4 (Avg: 2.5)55.00%

Like other locations, the surface has a chance of being affected by tarry biomes or rusty biomes. The associated spawns will appear accordingly.


The undergound follows a simple pattern of rectangular rooms and corridors that lead through them. This repeats until the player reaches the fourth floor.

The following creatures may appear[1]:

The bottom

When the player has reached the bottom, the creatures that spawn are slightly different. The ground will be littered with junk (tier 1 and 2), gnawed watervines, and various types of ammo. Aside from the normal spawns, it will be filled with girshlings along with a gyre wight of Agolgot. If the player has accepted the quest What's Eating the Watervine?, seeing a girshling will accomplish a quest step. The player can then decide to return the way they came or travel through the waterlogged tunnel to complete the quest.


  1. This is taken from Redrock 1, Redrock 2, Redrock 3, and Redrock 4 in Encountertables.xml. Because they are merged, chance is not calculated.