Love and Fear

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Spoiler Warning
This article contains spoilers in regards to the Love and Fear quest. Proceed at your own discretion.

Love and Fear is an optional side quest that will begin if the player picks up the crumpled sheet of paper, located within the same zone as the charred tree where Eskhind is first found.

Although Love and Fear can be started before beginning the Bey Lah series of quests, it cannot be completed until the player has started Kith and Kin. However, Kith and Kin can be completed without first completing Love and Fear; this will render the optional step of Love and Fear impossible to complete.

The player can speak to Meyehind, Liihart, Hindriarch Keh, Kesehind, Angohind, and Isahind about who the poem was meant for.

The quest is completed upon giving the crumpled sheet of paper to either Eskhind or Warden Neelahind.


Optional: Rescue an Imperiled Love

XP: 250

  • Intervene before the fate of the lovers is sealed.

Return the Love Sonnet

XP: 50

  • Give the crumpled sheet of paper to its author or intended recipient.


You helped facilitate a confession of love.