If, Then, Else

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If, Then, Else


Reputation gained


NPCs Involved

Dyvvrach, Aoyg-No-Longer, Tau-No-Longer, Wandering Tau

  • Power source for the Golem
[ Dyvvrach ]

Take Tau's chime, silent and still. Carry it to the bottom of Taproot, deep under my trunk, where she will make the chime her transit-body and walk away forever. Finish the ritual of -elseing.

At the bottom of Taproot, Tau manifests. She tells us, too, that another waits for her there.

Dyvvrach asks the player to help Tau separate from Chavvah. Depending on the player's choices, there are a variety of potential outcomes.


Gather Tau's Chime

XP: 2500

Go to the Bottom of Taproot

XP: 5000

Reunite Tau with Her Chime

XP: 5000

Return to the Keter

XP: 15000

  • Return to the keter and speak with Dyvvrach.



You helped Chavvah, the Tree of Life, complete the ritual of -elseing and sever one of its entity-chimes forever.

Beauty in subtraction! Pruner [playername] cut the Tree of Life to a more aesthetic form.


There are five possible outcomes for Tau. All will count as completion of the quest.