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Magnetized clay is knit together by circuitry that traces colossal and familiar features: [Body]. A bright mixture of primordial soup and [Catalyst] courses through their glass arteries, and in its soft light their posture evokes the presence of [Atzmus] Diamondlike metachrome limbs are sculpted in the way of [Armament], and in the position of prominence on their body, they bear the sacred amulet of [Hamsa].


The Golem is a being crafted from a Mound of scrap and clay by Pax Klanq. Its appearance, skills, attributes, and abilities are determined by the components that the player provides for its creation during the quest The Golem.

The Golem will always have room within its body for the player and one companion. The player can pilot the Golem by sitting in the Pilot seat. When piloted, the player has access to a modified form of the standard menus which cover the golem's equipment, the golem's stats and mutations, the golem's skills, the golem's inventory, and so on, as if you were the golem. This means you can spend gained stats, MP, and skill points.

The Golem will act as a companion to the player when not piloted, it will act at 50% quickness.

The Golem's default body, without any modifications and before the application of any stats, is Level 50, has 500 HP, and has Dark Vision at level 1.

The Golem is considered colossal and so can only be equipped with gigantic weapons and armor (except for the Floating Nerby slot).

In cases where the inherited type does not provide a stat distribution, it will also start with 0 DV and an even, but randomized, stat distribution. If the base provides an innate AV, that AV + 10 is the golem's AV.


[ Pax Klanq ]

Body of creature friend to form Creature after. Must follow you and be experience. No worry, friend not consumed in creation.

The Player must provide a follower at or above level 30 to determine the shape and body plan of the Golem. The follower is not consumed by the process and will remain in the Player's party after being chosen. Followers that are recruited via Proselytize, Beguile, or Rebuke Robot, will count as long as they meet the level requirement. Bodies take on some of the inheritable attributres of their Creature type, along with an appropriate (but not necessarily the same!) anatomy. Additionally, some have innate mutations, or modifications to base stats, beyond their Body or Creature base. These are covered in the 'Notes' column.

Body Type Granted by Metachrome Limbs Example Statline Notes
Antelope Golem Fork-horned gnu, Mechanical antelope cherub, Antelope cherub 1 Face 58/26/54/24/25/23
Ape Golem Albino ape, Cyclopean gibbon, Ogre ape, Dawning ape, Ape cherub, Mayor nuntu, Oboroqoru, Mechanical ape cherub, Ape cherub 2 Hands 58/31/36/21/22/20
Baboon Golem Baboon, Quartz baboon,Mechanical baboon cherub, Baboon cherub 2 Hands, 1 Face 66/34/37/21/21/22
Baetyl Golem Baetyl, Sparking baetyl, Mechanical baetyl cherub, Baetyl cherub 2 Hands, 1 Body 78/23/67/23/41/20 Innate Resistances of 0/-50/25/25
Bat Golem Bat, Juice sap, Life sap, Stat sap, Mechanical bat cherub, Bat cherub 1 Tail 55/26/45/21/25/23 Innately has Wings at level 10
Bear Golem Bear, Barkbiter, Mechanical bear cherub, Bear cherub 1 Face, 4 Feet 62/26/66/23/25/24 Innate 4 AV.
Slumberling, Deep slumberling 4 Feet
Bed Golem Bed, Bedger, Folding cot, Crib, Four-poster bed, Hyperbiotic bed, Peptic bed, Waterbed 2 Hands 28/16/24/16/16/16 Innately has Sleep Gas Generation at level 5. Innate DV of -20(yielding -14 with the natural +6), Innate AV of 3.
Bipedal Robot Golem Urn duster 1 Face 63/23/60/22/37/21 Strength mod of -1. Resistances of 0/-50/25/25
Boosterbot 1 Head
Mercurial 1 Open (as Feet)
Traipsing mortar 1 Body
Bird Golem Glowcrow, White esh, Dream wren,Mechanical bird cherub, Bird cherub 2 Feet 45/39/33/21/21/21 Innately has Wings at level 10, Beak at 1. No Missile Weapons.
Bush Golem Tumbling pod, Gorged growth, Dreamcrungle, Santalalotze 2 Hands 39/24/39/5/25/4 Save Modifiers of Slip:* and Move:*
Mechanical root cherub, Root cherub 2 Arms, 2 Hands
Cat Golem Ray cat, Astral tabby, Mechanical cat cherub, Cat cherub, Ctesiphus 1 Face, 4 Feet 60/32/54/23/24/18 No Missile Weapons unless given hands
Chitinous puma 4 Feet
Chair Golem Chair, Armchair, Bench, Canvas folding chair, Carcass kneader, Chairbear, Ergo chair, Floor cushion, Grav chair, Hyperbiotic chair, Kline, Ornate bench, Ornate chair, Passenger seat, Peptic chair, Pilot seat, Rolling chair, Scrapasan chair, Sofa, Starmchair, Stool, Throne, Torture chair 2 Hands 46/27/38/27/26/27 3 AV, Save Modifiers of Slip:* and Move:*, +100% carry capacity
Clam Golem Giant clam, 0lam 1 Body 65/23/51/16/21/20 Almost no slots: (Body, Face, Back, Foot, Floating).
Crab Golem Chute crab, Eyeless crab, Rustacean, Eyeless king crab, Great magma crab, Mechanical crab cherub, Crab cherub, Hamilcrab, cyclopean merchant 2 Hands 63/18/50/17/17/19 Strength mod of -1.
Cragmensch Golem Cragmensch boulderer, Cragmensch brainer, Cragmensch luminary, Glittermensch brainer, Glittermensch boulderer, Glittermensch luminary 2 Hands 97/8/62/27/27/26 Innate 30 AV, Strength mod of 4, Innate 40 QN. Resistances of 75/0/50/50
Crystal Golem Dyvvrach, Miryam, Tzedech, Tikva, Dreamer, Thicksalt, Tammuz, any creature that has successfully eaten Crystal Delight 4 Hands 46/27/41/27/25/37 Innate Refract Light chance of 25%. Exact body shape of a creature affected by Crystal Delight
Dawnglider Golem Dawnglider 1 Body 55/37/35/20/19/21 4 AV. Innate Flaming Hands at level 4 and Wings at level 5 from Dawnglider. Resistances of 0/0/-25/100. Minimal slots (Body, Head, Face, Back, Tail, Floating). No Missile Weapon
Dog Golem Feral dog, Guard dog, Herding dog, Hyrkhound,Mechanical dog cherub, Dog cherub 1 Face 58/26/45/24/23/19
Door Golem Brinestalk gate, Fused security door, Death Gate, Door, Glass door, Iron gate, Life Gate, Ornately engraved marble door with plaque, Security door (All Colors), Thick metal door 2 Hands 44/25/41/27/27/26 Innately has Phasing at level 5. No missile weapons
Dromad Golem Dromad, Dromad trader, Caravan guard, Tam 2 Hands Innate 8 AV. Has Fatty Hump level 10 (both inherited from Dromad)
Equine Golem Equimax, Unimax, Mechanical equine cherub, Equine cherub 4 Feet 63/27/50/25/24/25 No missile weapons
Fish Golem Glowfish, Ghost perch, Sewage eel, Prism perch, Ixlthyxl, Urchin belcher, Madpole, Quatravolt glider, Memory eater, Mechanical fish cherub, Fish cherub 1 Face 41/32/33/19/20/19 Resistances of 0/-25/0/0. Innate Swimming skill
Twinning lamprey 1 Head
Flower Golem Glowpad, Prickler, Thirst thistle, Feral lah, Asphodelyte, Asphodel, Earl of Omonporch, Tongue tyrant, Oddly-Hued Glowpad
Fractus Golem Mechanical fractus cherub, Fractus cherub 2 Arms, 2 Hands 39/22/48/8/36/4
Frog Golem Ice frog, Bloated pearlfrog,Mechanical frog cherub, Frog cherub Innately has Jump and Swimming skills
Fungus Golem Pax klanq, Mechanical mushroom cherub, Mushroom cherub, 2 Hand 41/24/42/11/17/7
Goat Golem Goat 1 Face 56/25/50/25/24/22 Innately has Horns at level 8.
Goatfolk Golem Goatfolk bully, Goatfolk hornblower, Goatfolk sower, Goatfolk yurtwarden, Goatfolk qlippoth, Warden indrix, Mamon Souldrinker 1 Head, 2 Hands 69/26/48/30/33/27 Endurance, Shake It Off, Shield, and Block innately. If they have a Helmet when they generate, they do not have Curly Horns and so don't get the Head weapon
Golem Oddity Star kraken, Monad, Pottery cherub, Mechanical pottery cherub, Girsh Agolgot, Girsh Bethsaida, Girsh Qas, Girsh Qon, Girsh Rermadon, Girsh Shug'ruith the Burrower, Crypt ferret, Rhinox 1 Hand 44/25/41/25/25/25 Innate Refract Light chance of 90%. No missile slots. +2 floating nearby slots.
Girsh Qon 3 Open (Worn on Membrane)
Girsh Qon after Girsh Agolgot's blessing 3 Open (Worn on Membrane), 1 Hand
Hexapodal Robot Golem Drillbot 6 Feet 63/23/63/21/48/23 Strength mod of -1. Resistances of 0/-50/25/25
All types of Turret tinker 1 Body
Hindren Golem Agate Severance Star, Angohind, Eskhind, Hindriarch Keh, Isahind, Kesehind, Liihart, Lulihart, hindren pariah, Meyehind, Faundren villager, Keh-hind, Warden Neelahind, Hindren afflicted, Hindren villager, hindren scout 2 Hands 49/27/42/27/26/28 Innately has Horns (Antlers) at level 3, Multiple Legs at level 3, Thick Fur, Heightened Hearing at 1, and the Jump skill
Hover Golem Waydroid, Interdictor, Graftek, Chrome Idol, Cloneling, Plastronoid, Diplomacy Droid, Strip fly, Chrome pyramid 2 Hands 70/21/66/21/43/20 Inherint resistances of 0/-50/25/25
Human Golem Amoeba farmer, Apothecary, Apple farmer, Argyve, Armorer, Alchemist, Banner-Knight Templar, Beekeeper, Beetle farmer, Bookbinder, Cannibal, Cannibal cherub, Cat herder, Chef, Crab farmer, Clone of Player Character, Clone of Saad Amus, The Sky-Bear, Elder irudad, Gemcutter, Glover, Goat herder, Grenadier, Gunner-Knight Templar, Gunsmith, Gutsmonger, Haberdasher, Hatter, Hermit cherub, Hide-sheathed hermit, Ichor merchant, Issachari raider, Issachari rifler, Jeweler, Juicing cannibal, Kipper, Knight Commander of the Holy Temple, Knight Templar, Leech farmer, Mehmet, Mechanical cannibal cherub, Mechanical hermit cherub, Mysterious gunslinger, Naphtaali blowgunner, Naphtaali forager, Naphtaali stalker, Naphtaali runt, Newfather, Phylactery squire, Reef hermit, Saad Amus, the Sky-Bear, Schematics drafter, Scrap-clad hermit, Scribe, Shoemaker, Snail farmer, Trash abbot, Trash monk, Templar squire, Vintner, Village apothecary, Village tinker, Wardens esther, Watervine farmer, Woodsprog 2 Hands 46/26/42/28/26/26
Humanoid Robot Golem Chromeling, Shem -1, Plated chromeling 1 Face, 2 Hands 58/21/59/22/41/21 Resistances of 0/-50/25/25
Herododicus, Rodanis Y, Mechanical robot cherub, Robot cherub 2 Hands
Infrastructure Golem Any Animatable Object which is not a Bed, Chair, Table, Iron Maiden, or Wall. 2 Hands 46/27/39/25/27/25 Innate Base Hitpoints of 1000. Innate AV of 10. Innate resistances of 75/25/75/75
Insect Golem Agolzvuv 6 Arms 65/35/45/18/18/17 No Missile Slots
Giant dragonfly, Giant centipede, Salthopper, Clockwork beetle, Giant beetle, Adiyy, Worker ant, Fire ant, Fire ant queen, Quillipede, Gamma moth 1 Head
Agolfly, spark tick, Mirror bug, Mechanical insect cherub, Insect cherub 1 Face
Glowmoth 1 Open (in the Back slot)
Iron Maiden Golem Iron maiden Innately has Syphon Vim at Level 10
Jelly Golem Plasma jelly 4 Hands 67/28/41/1/1/1 Comes with all dual wielding skills
Lichen Golem All Weeps 2 Hands 41/24/44/11/19/7 Legendary weeps can be recruited
Mopango Charioteer Golem Mopango charioteer 2 Hand 38/26/42/24/1717 Innately has Light Manipulation at level 6, Carapace at level 6, Psychometry at level 2, Move Speed of 125
Mopango Golem Mopango pilgrim and others 2 Hand 34/25/42/24/19/18 Innately has Light Manipulation at level 8, Carapace at level 6, Psychometry at level 2
Nest Golem Giant centipede nest, Giant beetle nest, Quartziferous mirror 1 Body 48/26/38/25/25/27 Few slots (Body, Center Mass, Worn across Breadth, Mulch, Floating Nearby). No missile weapons
Ooze Golem Giant amoeba, Gelatinous wedge, Humor, Black jell, Blue jell, Brown jell, Gelatinous frustum, Green jell, Soupy sludge, Gyrohumor, Gelatinous prism, Panhumor, Gelatinous cupola, Purple jell, k-Goninon, Gelatinous antiprism, Red jell, Zero jell, Mechanical ooze cherub, Ooze cherub 4 Hands 86/18/47/1/1/1
Quadrupedal Robot Golem Mindrone, Miner Mk I, Miner Mk II, Miner Mk III, Leering stalker 4 Feet 56/21/65/22/44/22 Strength mod of -1. Resistances of 0/-50/25/25
Reptile Golem Breathbeard, Elder breathbeard, Mechanical reptile cherub, Reptile cherub 1 Face, 4 Feet 49/39/36/18/21/20 Resistances of 0/0/-25/0
Lithofex, Sultan croc, Molting basilisk, Mimic, Rimewyk, Salamander, Croc, Horned chameleon 1 Face
Root Golem N/A (Mechanical Root Cherub and Root Cherub used to be here) Save Modifiers of Slip:* and Move:*
Slug Golem Kaleidoslug, Mechanical mollusk cherub, Mollusk cherub 1 Tail 63/22/47/20/17/15 Few slots (Body, Head, Feelers, Worn on Back, Tail, Floating Nearby)
Ickslug 1 Face
Spitting slug 1 Body
Slog of the Cloaca 1 Body, 1 Tail
Slynth Golem Slynth, Thah 2 Hands 49/27/39/26/27/28 Innate AV of 4
Snail Golem Electric snail, Enigma snail, Snailmother
Snapjaw Golem Snapjaw brute, Snapjaw hunter, Snapjaw scavenger, Snapjaw shotgunner, Snapjaw warlord, Snapjaw warrior, Snapjaw feeder, Snapjaw spearfiend, Snapjaw trapper, Snapjaw howler, Crowsong 1 Face, 2 Hands 49/28/39/26/28/28 Innate Heightened Smell at level 5
Spider Golem Cave spider, Electrofuge, Spark tick, Voider, Greater voider, Mechanical spider cherub, Spider cherub 1 Face 48/40/33/18/19/18
Scorpiock, Girshling 1 Face, 8 Arms
Succulent Golem Sixshrew 2 Hands 35/22/50/7/32/5
Svardym Golem Svardym hatchling, Svardym scrounge, Svardym jut, Svardym eld, Mak, Goek, Geeub, Bep 2 Hands 53/34/35/20/23/23 Innately has Jump, Swimming, and Charge skills. Resistances of 20/20/-25/20
Swine Golem Pig, Boar, Two-headed boar, Slugsnout, Two-headed slugsnout, Fire snout, Mechanical swine cherub, Swine cherub
Table Golem Alchemist's table, Book table, Desk, Low mensa, Metal table, Metal workbench, Octagonal table, Ornate table, Table, Workbench Innately has +500% to carry capacity
Tortoise Golem Irritable tortoise, Great saltback, N-dimensional starshell, Mechanical tortoise cherub, Tortoise cherub 1 Face 53/38/35/18/20/23 Innately has Carapace at Level 20. No Missile Weapons
Tree Golem Irritable palm, Red death dacca, Mayor haddas, Mechanical tree cherub, Tree cherub 2 Hands 65/21/60/9/30/9 Innately has 1500 base hit points, 75 Move Speed
Tripedal Robot Golem Crypt sitter 3 Feet 62/22/66/20/47/19 Innate resistances of 0/-50/25/25. With Extra Arms, had 4 non-metachrome arms?
Troll Golem Troll foal, Jotun, Who Parts Limbs, Fjorn-Kosef, Who Knits The Icy Lattice, Haggabah, Who Plies The Umbral Path 2 Hands 72/28/59/26/26/27 Cudgel Proficiency. Innate AV of 3. Swimming Skill
Turret Golem All Turrets, Vivira, Decarbonizer, Pulsed field magnet, Fulcrete catapult Strength mod of -2
Urchin Golem Drowsing urchin, Addling urchin, Junk dollar 1 Open (on Hands) 37/21/39/11/28/9 Innately has Quills at level 10. Abysmal slots (Body, Hands, Floating Nearby). Resistances of 0/0/60/0. No Missile Weapons
Urshiib Golem Barathrumite arconaut, Barathrumite tinker, Neek, Iseppa, Jacobo, Sparafucile, Dardi, Mafeo, Otho, Q Girl, Hortensa, Aloysius, Barathrum the old Innately has Quills at level 12, Intelligence mod of +5
Vine Golem Jilted lover, Seed-spitting vine, Qudzu, Livid creeper, Euclid, Yurl, Tillifergaewicz
Wall Golem All Animatable Walls 2 Hands 44/25/38/25/26/25 Innate AV of 30, +2 (non-Metachrome) Hands. Wall's 50 ER/50 CR default resistances. No missile slots
Wheeled Robot Golem Scrap shoveler, Reprogrammed scrap shoveler, Saw-hander, Anomaly extinguisher, Conservator, Warden 1-FF, Galgal 2 Hands 64/25/59/22/44/10 Move speed of 125, Strength mod of -1, Innate resistances of 0/-50/25/25
Worm Golem girshworm, Seedsprout worm, Bone worm, Waveform worm, Salt kraken, Mechanical worm cherub, Worm cherub 1 Body 62/22/47/17/15/19 Minimal slots (Body, Head, Back, Tail, Floating Nearby). No Missile Weapons
Segmented mirthworm, Knollworm, Plated knollworm, Leech, Bloated leech, Agolmaggot, Trining lamprey, Worm of the earth 1 Face


[ Pax Klanq ]

Three dram of pure liquid to catalyze soup and circulate nutrient. Liquid choice alter sanguine mixture, change Creature.

The Player must provide three drams of an undiluted Liquid to act as the Golem's blood. The player's choice of Catalyst can alter the Golem's abilities, resistances, immunites, damage output, and base stats.

Primordial Soup is not an option for the Catalyst.

The Golem will bleed a mixture of the chosen liquid and Primordial Soup.

Liquid Effect Notes
Acid 200 Acid Resistance, +75% Acid damage dealt
Algae Burgeoning at level 10
Asphalt Immune to becoming stuck, melee attacks cause enemies to get stuck
Blood Heal for 10% of damage dealt vs organic creatures
Black ooze Immune to disease, Corrosive Gas Generation at level 6
Brain brine

+6 Mutation Points

Brown sludge Equipment immune to rusting, melee attacks cause 2-4 equipped enemy items to rust, starting with held items

+10 Quickness, Confusion at level 5

Cloning draught 2 Golems with 1/3 health each One Golem is Passive, this is not mentioned in-game
Convalessence Regeneration at level 10

+50 to all resists, +3 AV

Green goo Immune to poison, +100% Acid damage dealt
Honey Regeneration at level 5, melee attacks cause enemies to get stuck
Ink Immune to slipping, +500 skill points

+200 heat resistance, +60% heat damage dealt

Molten wax

+50 heat resistance, +25% heat damage dealt, melee attacks cause enemies to get stuck

Neutron flux 5% chance for attacks the golem makes to make a 1200 force 1d6 flat damage explosion
Oil Immune to slipping, +60% heat damage dealt
Putrescence The golem's attacks drain one toughness from the defender, like a vigor sap

+10 Willpower

Sap Burgeoning at level 5, melee attacks cause enemies to get stuck
Slime Immune to slipping, melee attacks cause enemies to be knocked prone

+15 Quickness

Warm static Two random catalysts

+30% hit points

Wine Confusion at level 10. Immune to confusion


[ Pax Klanq ]

Atzmus transcendental imprint of being. Pattern trait after creature part, crossed with Body.

The Player must provide a body part of any kind. It can be sourced from a plant, animal, or robot creature. The type of part does not effect the Golem (Head, Face, Hands, etc), only the being it was sourced from.


If an Atzmus is sourced from a creature with viable Mutations, the Golem can gain one of those mutations. This includes Bilge Sphincter, Chimera, and Crystallinity.

Night Vision, as well as the NPC mutations Dark Vision, Wall Climber and Invisibility are excluded from being acquired via the Atzmus.

Creature Source Effect Notes
Adiyy, Agolfly, Gamma moth, Giant dragonfly Wings at level 10
Arch dervish of the Sightless Way Teleportation at level 4
Asphodelyte Electrical Generation at level 7 or Teleportation at level 10
Astral tabby Astral You need to be phased to enter the cockpit, but not phased to sit down in the pilot seat. You can trade despite it being constantly phased. The Golem can also pick things up. You can direct it even when you are not phased. Followers you want to enter must ALSO be phased (this may become a future issue.)
Bloated pearlfrog, Tongue tyrant Sticky Tongue at level 10
Chrome pyramid Regeneration at level 10 or Teleportation at level 1
Decarbonizer Decarbonizer at level 1
Deep slumberling Two-hearted
Dreamcrungle Crungling Gaze at level 10
Elder gallbeard Poison Breath at level 10
Fire ant Flaming Ray at level 2
Fire ant queen Heat Absorption at level 5 This mutation does not appear to be implimented
Fjorn-Kosef, Who Knits The Icy Lattice Frost Webs at level 1
Ghost perch, Glowpad, Ixlthyxl, Madpole, Prism perch, Sewage eel Gills at level 10
Girsh Nephilim Irisdual Beam at level 5 or Regeneration at level 10
Glittermensch luminary Stunning Force at level 10
Glowfish Gills at level 12
Elder Irudad Multiple Arms at level 10 or Stinger at level 1 or Chimera
Leech Syphon Vim at level 1
Lithofex Lithifying Gaze at level 1 This mutation does not appear to be implimented
n-dimensional starshell Carapace at level 15 or Space-Time Vortex at level 20
Oboroqoru, Ape God Multiple Arms at level 1 or Thick Fur
Pax Klanq Mental Mirror at level 1 or Telepathy
Prickler Quills at level 1
Pulsed field magnet Magnetic Pulse at level 15
Quatravolt glider Temporal Fugue at level 7 or Electrical Generation at level 10
Quillipede Quills at level 3
Snailmother Carapace at level 3
Soupy sludge Mental Mirror at level 1
Star kraken Regeneration at level 20
Urchin belcher Urchin Belching at level 6
Wardens Esther Temporal Fugue at level 7 or Teleportation at level 1 or Heightened Quickness at level 6
Worker ant Burrowing claws at level 10 or Corrosive gas at level 1 or Heightened Hearing at level 1

Variable Mutations

Some creatures will have differing mutations from one run to another, and will therefore have differing effects on your Golem.

Creature Source Possible Mutations Notes
Disciple of the Sightless Way One Random Mental Mutation at level 1-4
Goatfolk qlippoth, Mamon Souldrinker Syphon Vim at level 1, One Random Mental Mutation at level 1-4, one Random Physical Mutation at level 1-4 Qlippoths and Mamon draw from the same static choices that are chosen on world generation, and will therefore give the same Mutations as one another each run. They will always have Syphon Vim
Psyberneticist Three Random Mental Mutations at level 1-4
Svardym eld Two random Mental Mutations at level 8-10
Glow-wight apotheote Four Physical Mutations at level 9-12

Stat Bonuses

If a Creature does not have a Mutation(or only has Night Vision) its Atzmus will instead grant the Golem a +5 increase to whichever stat was the Creature's highest.

Creature Source Effect Notes
All Baboons +5 Strength
All Crabs +5 Strength
All Dogs +5 Toughness
All Oozes (Except Soupy sludge) +5 Strength
Barkbiter +5 Toughness
Bear +5 Toughness
Beetlebum +5 Strength
Chitinous puma +5 Agility
Clockwork beetle +5 Toughness
Euclid +5 Willpower
Feral lah +5 Ego
Giant beetle +5 Toughness
Giant beetle nest +5 Willpower
Giant centipede +5 Strength
Giant centipede nest +5 Willpower
Glittermensch brainer +5 Strength
Goatfolk bully, Goatfolk hornblower, Goatfolk thrall +5 Strength
Goatfolk sower, Goatfolk yurtwarden +5 Agility
Gorged growth +5 Strength
Ice frog +5 Agility
Irritable palm +5 Strength
Jilted lover +5 Agility
Knight Templar +5 Strength
Leering stalker +5 Toughness
Many Eyes +5 Willpower
Naphtaali forager +5 Willpower
Quartziferous mirror +5 Intelligence
Qudzu +5 Agility
Ray cat +5 Agility
Red death dacca +5 Strength
Salthopper +5 Strength
Seed-spitting vine +5 Agility
Segmented mirthworm +5 Strength
Slumberling +5 Strength
Spark tick +5 Agility
Thirst thistle +5 Agility
Tumbling pod +5 Willpower


[ Pax Klanq ]

Zetachrome weapon. Attune Creature to the martial art and shape metachrome fist-types in the fashion after.

A Zetachrome weapon must be provided to arm the Golem. The weapon type will shape the creature's Natural Weapons, as well as grant them the full skill tree associated with said weapon.

At a high level, the golem will get natural weapons in every slot whose type matches a slot with a natural weapon on the follower or, if none exist, the first default on the golem body or, if none exist, the primary limb type of the golem body, or if none of THOSE exist, the primary limb of the follower. For example, Bears that have two claws and a bite will end up with a Bear Golem that has a Face Metachrome weapon and four Foot Metachrome weapons.

Weapon Type Skill Tree Open Limb Hand Face Head Foot Arm Body Tail
Zetachrome battle axe Axe \metachrome axe metachrome spade \metachrome trines \metachrome ridge metachrome spade \metachrome ridges metachrome bands ridged metachrome tail
Zetachrome dagger Short Blade \metachrome dagger metachrome point \metachrome fangs \metachrome horn metachrome point metachrome thorns pointed metachrome bands pointed metachrome tail
Zetachrome halberd Axe \metachrome axe metachrome spade \metachrome trines \metachrome ridge metachrome spade \metachrome ridges ridged metachrome bands ridged metachrome tail
Zetachrome hammer Cudgel \metachrome cudgel metachrome mitt \metachrome molars \metachrome bulb \metachrome corm \metachrome discs metachrome bands metachrome tail
Zetachrome long sword Long Blade \metachrome long blade metachrome blade \metachrome tusks \metachrome prow metachrome blade \metachrome scales bladed metachrome bands bladed metachrome tail
Two-handed zetachrome long sword Long Blade \metachrome long blade metachrome blade \metachrome tusks \metachrome prow metachrome blade \metachrome scales bladed metachrome bands bladed metachrome tail
Zetachrome warhammer Cudgel \metachrome cudgel metachrome mitt \metachrome molars \metachrome bulb \metachrome corm \metachrome discs metachrome bands metachrome tail

Notes: Arrows are not a valid Zetachrome weapon, Psionic weapons are valid as long as they are Zetachrome.

The created natural weapons are Metachrome (4 PV base, cap of 1000) and Gigantic.


[ Golem ]

Words spoken from your experience and inscribed to form being-bond. First sounds heard in Creature's early dreambrain.
-Pax Klanq, on the Incantation

The Player must choose a passage from their Journal to speak to the Golem, these will be the first sounds the Golem hears, and will (presumably) shape the Golem's psyche.

Effect Gained From Notes
+10 Ego Braving Golgotha in More Than a Willing Spirit, Naming a personal artifact, spreading Klanq throughout Qud, pouring warm static on the ground, being entombed, being reconstituted, attuning to Chavvah, the Tree of Life
+10% chance to score critical hits Slaying a Legendary creature, Esper Hunters, or Extradimensional Hunters, finding Eskhind during Petals on the Wind, valiantly defending Grit Gate from an attack, recovering the Ruin of House Isner Absorbing an Ego does not change the event here for the Hunters.
+100 move speed Discovering/Visiting a location, recovering some sultan relics
+15 Quickness when you are paired with the Golem Fetching a Trinket for Argyve, Giving the Crumpled sheet of paper to Warden Neelahind
+15 Quickness when you are unpaired with the Golem Performing the Water Ritual, dealing with Asphodel, Earl of Omonporch in The Earl of Omonporch, visiting the mopango village
+5 quickness, +20% HP, and +3 to all attributes for nearby followers Visiting Bey Lah at the behest of Lulihart, hindren pariah, completing Kith and Kin and thus deciding the fate of Bey Lah, becoming Loved by a Faction, visiting villages for the first time
+6 Attribute points Player Character's arrival at Joppa
+5 Intelligence, +5 Willpower, +5 Ego Giving a location a name, renaming a location
+6 Levels Falling in love with a creature, falling out of love with a creature, witnessing the formation of a [sludge name] Must be a pentasludge or higher for the event to be recorded in your journal.
+12 Levels, -10 Ego Completing the quest Fraying Favorites
2 Random Effects Player character duplication/multiplication, starting a dreamcrungle dream Unknown if player abilities/mutations such as Temporal Fugue or Evil Twin apply, or if this is only granted by Cloning draught, Warm static and other nonstandard methods.
3 Random Baetyl Rewards Speaking to the Baetyl at Bethesda Susa, satisfying any Baetyl
3 Random Body Parts w/Metachrome Weaponry if possible Contracting an Illness, contracting a Fungal Infection, Gaining a new body part via Chimera gene destabilization, completing a dreamcrungle dream with either result, eating the Cloaca Surprise, getting a body part dismembered, cooking successfully with a drop of nectar, drinking 'the bright cream of the palladium reef' aka sunslag
Reveal 20 Secrets on creation Sheba Hagadias, Librarian of the Stilt provides you with insightful commentary
Golem Spawns with 4 random pieces of gigantic, tier 4-7 armor Reading a Book, reading a Relic book, recovering The Flume-Flier of the Sky-Bear, recovering Stopsvalinn, recovering Kindrish, holding the amaranthine prism, performing an action on a legendary object as part of a village quest, Convincing Pax Klanq in Pax Klanq, I Presume?, helping Argyve detect a strange signal (completing the Wire quest), stumbling upon some flattened remains
Take 10% more damage and deal 20% more damage. N/A (DoesSomethingDestructive type events) Only accessible via Random effects
+75 to all resists N/A (Resists type events) Only accessible via Random effects
Golem shares the effect of whatever Sultan Mask you are wearing N/A (CrownedSultan type events) Only accessible via Random effects. Have not been seen in the wild yet.
Respawns once at 50% health. N/A (Dies type events) Only accessible via Random effects. Reforming the Golem from being destroyed with Sunslag does not refresh this ability.


[ Pax Klanq ]

Chosen token to palm-solder and orient with object-meaning, 5 lbs. or less. Like others, choice alters Creature trait and behavior.

The Player must provide an item weighing #5 or less.

Item Type Effect Notes
Albino ape heart +2 to all stats
Anti-gravity boots +6 AV or Wings at level 10
Arrows/HE Missiles/Slugs/Shells 15% reduction in action costs of melee actions or 25% reduction in action costs of missile actions (except for throw ones)
Bandage Regeneration at level 10
Basic toolkit/Advanced toolkit +800 Skill Points
Bop cheek +25% Hitpoints OR +50 move speed
Box of crayons +2 to all stats
Canned Have-It-All +25% Hitpoints OR 2 random effects
Clothes/Armor +6 AV
Compass bracelet +6 AV or Teleportation at level 6 or Clairvoyance at level 10
Crystal flowers +8 Ego
Cybernetics Cybernetic implant is installed
cybernetics credit wedge +8 Ego
Data disk Psychometry at level 10
Desalination pellet Extra surroundings slot
Displacer bracelet +6 AV or Teleportation at level 6
Dormant waydroid/Scrapped waydroid Psychometry at level 10
Elastyne slippers/Sandals of the river-wives/Yeshyrskin slippers +6 DV OR +50 Movement Speed
Energy cell Electrical Generation level 10
Fermented yondercane +25% Hitpoints OR Teleportation at level 6
Figurine +1000 reputation with relevant Faction Material does not seem to change the amount of positive Rep the figurine gives
Fix-It spray foam +800 Skill Points
Food +25% Hitpoints Food with additional options are detailed elsewhere in this table
Glowsphere/Floating Glowsphere Light Manipulation at level 10
High-powered magnet Electromagnetic Pulse at level 10
Injectors Regeneration at level 10 OR Immune to overdosing
Keys/Security cards Phasing at level 10
Liquid containers +1000% Carry capacity
Luminous Hoarshroom +25% Hitpoints OR Light Manipulation at level 10
Melee Weapons 15% reduction in action costs of melee actions
Mercurial cloak Teleportation at level 6
Metamorphic polygel Teleportation at level 6
N-pointed asterisk +2 to all stats
Ontological anchor +6 AV or Normality gas generation at level 10
Pickaxe +800 Skill Points
Precinct navigator +6 AV or Teleportation at level 6 or Clairvoyance at level 10
Quantum mote Light Manipulation at level 10
Ranged weapons 25% reduction in action costs of missile actions
Recoiler Teleportation at level 6
Repulsive device Socially Repugnant at level 1
Severed Face +1 AV per Fungal Infection, +4 to all resists per infection
Small sphere of negative weight +2 to all stats
Spectacles/Square cap +6 AV or +800 Skill Points
Sultan Relic: Glowing Mote +2 to all stats
Tattoo gun +800 Skill Points
Thrown Weapons 50% Reduction in action costs of throw actions
Timecube +2 to all stats or Time Dilation at level 8
Trade goods +8 Ego
Trading Tokens +2 to all stats
Wire strand Electrical Generation at level 10
witchwood bark +25% Hitpoints OR Regeneration at level 10


[ Pax Klanq ]

Ascending Creature need mightful battery with rare electromagnetic shielding. Purple prickles make neutron cell with 3 flux drams, or must find different source.

Source Effects
Three drams of Neutron flux

At the moment there appears to be no discernible effect from one's choice of power source.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • While Golems generally have respectable statlines, Golems' derived defensive stats are often unbearably low due to the difficulty gearing them. without some thought and preparation it will feel like playing a very underlevel character that gets hit by multiple penetrations.
  • A reliable source of gigantic equipment for the Golem is Hamilcrab, cyclopean merchant; especially good items may even influence the choice of the body.
  • The golem is also a 'Mutant' type, so Eaters' nectar injectors give random stats or MP. The high level gives you the ability to boost mutations quite a bit (at least, those which can be boosted, notably, most granted instances of Flight above can't be increased when given as part of a body).
  • Unlike the above, the effects of drinking warm static only apply the skill shuffling, as if the golem were a Truekin.
  • Many kinds of Golems will require levelling weak members of their classes up to 30 on your own to use their bodies.
  • Several kinds of Golems are difficult to get followers near enough to the pile to select.
  • It is possible to prevent the use of the normal staircase Barathrum's Study by using the Chrome key as a Hamsa. It is advisable to use a security card or Bethesda Susa key if one desires a Phasing Golem, lest you have to use the northwest staircase and dig into the study, or use a spiral borer to create a new staircase.
  • While you are piloting the golem, it needs to drink (like most bodies.) While it is following you, it doesn't (like most followers).
  • Due to the way that metachrome limbs are assigned, there is a trick that can enable some body shapes to get extra metachrome limbs: A method of gaining extra limbs with natural weapons on the follower which match a slot type on the resultant Golem Body, where normally that creature has other natural weapons that are included in the resultant Golem Body, makes both the extra limbs type and the normal natural weapon limbs end up with metachrome weapons. The easiest example is to use Agolgot's blessing to give a stone Wall follower pincers (hand slot natural weapons), and then create a Golem with that follower. The Golem will naturally get the two Stud slots as metachrome weapons, and also the small crack slots as metachrome weapon because of the pincers matching the type of the small cracks (hand).


  • It was briefly impossible to create a Tree Golem, as using a Tree follower to fulfill the Body requirement resulted in a Golem Oddity. This was a bug and has since been patched.
  • Rhinox and Crypt ferret were Grazer Golems for a while, but are Oddity Golems now
  • Mechanical Root Cherubs and Root Cherubs were Root Golems for a while, but are Bush Golems now