Eyn Roj

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Eyn Roj
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Moon Stair



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Eyn Roj

Tucked into a marble glade is the cloven trunk of Chavvah, the Tree of Life. Its fallen leaves lay like a mirrored carpet, and the dream wrens chirr a psychal carol.


Eyn Roj is the trunk of the tree city of Chavvah. The actual city moves around other tiles in the Moon Stair, but it can be found and accessed by first attuning to the chiming rock here.


The stairs down to the underground can be unlocked by the crystal key given by Dyvvrach (at the roaming keter) upon accepting the quest If, Then, Else. The roots of Chavvah form a series of psychic biomes full of crystalline roots, with holes in the floor through which to drop down. They spawn generally rather weak enemies, but the mental mutations granted by the biomes make them more dangerous than usual. Every 5th layer has a solid floor and a set of stairs down, signaling a change in the mental mutation associated with the biome. This pattern stretches down to strata 40, which is a solid floor containing glowing soft and Aoyg-No-Longer, servant of Ptoh in the Cosmic Wood.